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"Baseball Tonight" Team at Marlins Camp; John Baker a Hit with ESPN Crew

  Tune in to ESPN today (Monday) at 3:30 p.m.when Baseball Tonight airs its half-hour report on the Marlins. The BT tonight team is traveling around the state in a tour bus, hitting all the spring training sites. Featured on today's show will be a question and answer session between Marlins ace Josh Johnson and ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian.

  "It's our day with the Marlins," Kurkjian said.

  Kurkjian said Marlins catcher John Baker provided a sensational interview, which he hopes will air.

   "John Baker, we showed him the ESPN bus, and he was hysterical beyond words describing what the bus looks like," Kurkjian said. "If they don't run that little segment, I'm going to quit at ESPN. He was that good. And then we asked him about Iraq five minutes later, and he went from being really funny to being really serious. He described his trip to Iraq better than I could have done it if I had gone. Our life is built around sound bites, and he had two sound bites about his trip to Iraq that just brings chills to you, because he gets it and he is able to convey it so well. Hopefully, we get all of that on our show today."

    As for Kurkjian's assessment of the Marlins, the ESPN analyst had this to say:

    "At least they've got the ace (Johnson) signed for four years. At least they've got the second baseman (Uggla) back in camp, and he's not going to be traded from what it appears. They've got Chris Coghlan for the entire season. And I think they just have a few more questions answered than they had at this time last year. Even with unanswered questions, they had a pretty good year. You would think with more questions answered at this point, they might have an even better year than last year.

    "To me, they're not going to win the division. The Phillies are better, clearly. But to rule them out of a playoff spot, I think we've all learned our lesson on that. We shouldn't do that with the Marlins. At least I've learned my lesson. Every year I say they can't win, and they're always right in it all year.".


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shock the world marlins...you can do it...the phils arent thaaaaat good


Video is on ESPN's site: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=4937348


I hope that every one in our team will became a good bunter so they will be able to produce crucial runs , I hope Fredi will read this note.

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