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Leo Nunez is the Closer -- For Now

   Larry Beinfest told reporters at Tuesday's annual media luncheon that when it comes to analyzing bullpens, heading into a season, he's probably "the last guy to ask."

   "When I think they're good, they're not good," Beinfest said. "And when they're good, I think they're bad."

   And when Beinfest and the Marlins tab someone as their closer, as they've done with Leo Nunez, it doesn't mean the job is theirs to keep forever, or even as long as a full season.

   Just ask Guillermo Mota, Jorge Julio, Kevin Gregg and Matt Lindstrom. Each started the season as the Marlins' closer at one time -- Mota in 2005, Julio in '07, Gregg in '08 and Lindstrom in '09 -- before losing the role to someone else.

Over the previous five seasons, only Joe Borowski in 2006 went wire to wire as Marlins closer. Going back even further, Armando Benitez was the team's closer throughout the 2004 season. But Braden Looper ended up relinquishing the role to Ugueth Urbina in 2003.

"Maybe we'll change the (recent) pattern," Beinfest said.

    -- Speaking of  the Marlins bullpen, check out this Q & A with Seth McClung, the former Brewer the Marlins signed to a minor-league deal. Interesting stuff.


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Andrew Meyer

Leo Nunez just needs a badarse entrance song.

If he comes out to "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath, he'll be top 5 in the NL in saves no question.

Clark Spencer

You may be on to something, Andrew. Along those same lines, I would submit "21st Century Schizoid Man" by King Crimson. Anybody else want to weigh in here?


Single ladies by Beyonce


leo should come out to the song bryan harvey did, back in the day


Jose Ceda should be closing before the year ends.

Mike in Texas

I like the McClung signing, but I hope he has more success locating the plate than he does locating Jupiter in the blog interview: "Jupiter is in the Tampa Bay area"!


"Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden can help him get 666 career saves hahahaha

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