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Sources: Marlins Have Made No Offer to Russell Branyan

   The Marlins are "kicking the tires" on a number of left-handed hitters for a bench role, and Russell Branyan is one of them. But, contrary to a published report, two sources said the Marlins have NOT made an offer for the free agent first baseman.

    "Not true," said one person close to the player.

    Another source confirmed that, saying the Marlins have merely contacted Branyan's agent, as they have done with more than a few players, to gauge the situation. It's possible they might have even tossed around salary figures. But no deal was ever offered.

    The Marlins are looking for someone to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Ross Gload, who signed with the Phillies.

   One player apparently out of the bench mix: former Marlin Alfredo Amezaga.

   Amezaga, a switch-hitter who was non-tendered by the Marlins in November after missing most of last season with a knee injury, is reportedly drawing strong interest from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

   The Marlins can also forget about a Kevin Gregg reunion. The reliever is reportedly closing in on a deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.



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They are definitely going to make Branyan an offer, its only a matter of time. By the way who knows if we can even trust these undisclosed soucres of yours. ESPN's Jason Stark and other sources have reported that the Marlins did make a contract offer. So something's gotta give here! Either the Marlins have already made an offer or they are preparing to make an offer.It would not make any sense for the Marlins not to make an offer since they are obviously interested and he will come relatively cheap. Not to mention that he has no other offers and he has no other options, which is very astonishing! This signing will be a great steal for the Marlins!


Why would they consider Gregg wow were that desperate


Marlins had a very good left handed bench player, Ross Gload. They didnt resign him??????? They had a very good guy in the bullpen, Kiko Calero. He was actually the best they had out of the bullpen. They haven't signed him?????????


brg, the phils outbid us for gload and calero is looking for a 2 year deal...thats scary for a guy with the amount of arm troubles he has had


James, appreciate your input. Why does anyone suppose the Philles wanted Gload? Did they offer a ridiculous amount of money for Gload?
Now, the Marlins are in a "crapshoot" for a replacement of Gload. Kiko Calero, will be hard to replace his stats from 2009.
The past two years, the Marlins were within a few games of the post season. Had they spent a nominal amount of money for late season help (Cliff Lee, Pedro Martinez, in 2009, Manny Ramirez in 2008) they might have reached the post season and would have more than recovered those extra payroll dollars


The Marlins have to get Holliday if they can,though it looks like the Mets will and with all the $$$ Lurie and crew have been lining their pockets, it should have been spent on keeping players and free agents.
If Holliday was paid what he's seeking, this team goes all the way, barring injuries.
If they can't sign him...then put a package together that would include Uggla and get a Monster OF...package him with Maybin.
It would pay for itself with a great team that can take it every year to the World Serious...when they open the new park, with a contending team, they'll sell out a lot of games and the Marlins will still be profitable.


Matt Holliday already resigned with the Cardinals for 7 years and $120M. Get your facts straight and come back and see me.

El Barto

Thank goodness Gregg won't be back... that guy is a blown save waiting to happen.

Nestor Pereira

i think the marlins will be champions this year!!! GO MARLINS!

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