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More Marlins Signings -- Coghlan, Baker, Maybin, Etc.

  It pays to win Rookie of the Year. Just ask Chris Coghlan, who received a nice salary bump for becoming the third Marlin to capture the honor.

  The Marlins have rewarded Coghlan by signing him to a $450,000 deal -- $50,000 over the minimum. By comparison, Hanley Ramirez's salary increased the season following his Rookie of the Year campaign with the Marlins in 2006 -- from $327,000 to $402,000. However, the league minimum also increased in 2007, to $380,000. So Ramirez was making just $22,000 more than the minimum in '07. On a percentage basis, however, Coghlan's raise is not quite as great as the one given to Dontrelle Willis following his Rookie of the Year season in 2003, when he was paid $353,500 -- or $53,500 over the 2004 minimum.

  In addition to Coghlan, the Marlins have also signed Chris Volstad ($420,000), John Baker ($415,000), Cameron Maybin ($405,000), Brett Carroll ($403,000) and Andrew Miller (undetermined).