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Marlins Check Out Mike Lowell

  Mike Lowell made his Grapefruit League debut on Monday for the Boston Red Sox and the Marlins were among those with a scout on hand in Fort Myers to see the long-time third-sacker try his mitt at first base for the first time.

   Lowell's name has come up in discussions within the Marlins organization, but it's unclear what their interest level is in the former Fish. And there would be a number of issues -- financial and physical being two of the primary ones -- that would need to be resolved before any serious thoughts of a reunion could be put into action.

   However, the corner infield situation for the Marlins is not etched in stone. The only certainty is that Jorge Cantu will man one of the two spots. At the moment, the Marlins have him at third, with unproven candidates Gaby Sanchez and Logan Morrison vying for the job at first. But the Marlins would not hesitate to move Cantu back to first base if, say, they thought Rule 5 pick Jorge Jimenez could handle the job at third, or if they felt uncomfortable going into the season with either Sanchez or Morrison at first. Lowell could provide another, intriguing option (at first and/or third) IF he shows that he's healthy and only IF the Red Sox, in any kind of trade arrangement, agree to absorb the $12 million he's due to make in this, the final year of his contract.

    Lowell is coming off offseason thumb surgery and is also dealing with an old hip issue. Despite his immense popularity -- within the Red Sox clubhouse and throughout the Boston community -- the Red Sox have moved on by acquiring Adrian Beltre to play third base. Lowell was nearly traded to the Rangers over the winter before the thumb injury threw a wrench in that deal. The only spot the Red Sox have for Lowell is on their bench. He claims he can still perform every day and would covet a trade that would allow him that opportunity.

   Question: Considering the significant issues, which also include Lowell's advancing age (36) and declining range, should the Marlins make a bid to re-acquire their all-time home run leader and return him to his old stomping ground if he proves he's healthy and can still perform?


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Alex Ferrer

I would love to see Lowell back on the fish. One of my favorites of all time. Make it happen!


I would like to have Mike Lowell as a Marlin again. It would be cool to see him back as a Marlin again!! My mom and aunt both like Mike Lowell. I wish he could become a Marlin again. He is a great thrid baseman!!!

Bote Man

Lowell's hip is questionable, so when that gives out you can forget about him piling up more home runs and reaching down to scoop up ground balls at 1B. Unless the Red Sox pick up $8-10M of his salary I don't see the Marlins going for it. The risk/reward ratio is too great.


If we figure out a smart financial way to deal with it then yes. Other wise won't happen. I hope it does.


Are they serious !!! I love Mike he was a great player but we need to bring in Healthy Players !

Les Lemley

I think it would be a great pickup. Mike Lowell is a great presence in any locker room and being that the Marlins could use it, let's make that deal especially if Boston is willing to pickup a chunk of his pay. Question is what are the Marlins willing to give up in exchange? The Twins are also into this too...


Boston was willing to pick up 9M of Lowell's salary to get a decent prospect from Texas; if the Marlins offer an interesting player or two they might make a similar offer. Although he might help Boston more as a bat and glove off the bench or backup for Ortiz, so they might want to keep him. He hit well last year, when the hip was worse than it is now.


i just dont see a place for him...maybe if we helms wasnt here...but he is and id take big wes over mikey at this point

Delray Rob

send back gabby sanchez buy morrison another year and improve the overall infield defense without giving up much or anything on the offensive side of the ball...assuming he is healthy...this is a deal to be done.


Mike is a solid player and was one of my favorites. However, I'm on the youth movement train! Let's see Morrison or Sanchez get the job.

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