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Sean West Out of Control, Gets F Grade in B Game

   Sean West didn't exactly enhance his chances of cracking the Marlins starting rotation when he experienced an extremely wild outing in Saturday's B game against the Orioles, somewhat reminiscent of one Al Leiter endured a few years ago with the Marlins during a spring training B game.

   West walked seven batters -- yes, SEVEN -- in only 1 2/3 innings. And they weren't exactly your typical 1 2/3, either. The first inning was "stopped" after West went walk, walk, walk, strikeout, walk to the first five batters.

   He pitched a relatively clean second inning, but ran into more trouble in the third, which transpired as follows: walk, strikeout, walk, walk. Cut. No mas. Get off the mound. Inning over. West threw 60 pitches, only 24 of them for strikes.

   West also encountered control problems, though not to this degree, in his previous spring outing when he issued three walks over a two-inning span. That means West has now walked 10 batters in only 3 2/3 innings.

   We haven't yet had a chance to speak with manager Fredi Gonzalez or pitching coach Randy St. Claire about West's wildness, but should have more information after today's regularly scheduled game in Port Charlotte against the Rays.