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Turnbow's comeback bid likely over

VIERA -- Derrick Turnbow's comeback bid with the Marlins looks like it is probably over.

Derrick TurnbowThe shaggy-haired former All-Star closer, who was hoping to revive his career with the Marlins after a 2008 tear in his right labrum, left Tuesday afternoon's game against the Nationals with severe pain in his throwing shoulder. An MRI is expected to be performed Wednesday, but based on pain alone Turnbow doesn't expect the results to be good. 

"I've pitched with pain plenty of times, aches, like every other pitcher," said Turnbow, who saved 39 games for the Brewers and made the All-Star team in 2006. "But this was something I felt different. I've broken my [elbow] before, this is 10 times worse than a broken elbow."

Turnbow came into Tuesday's game in the eighth inning and  promptly threw his first two warm-up pitches off the back screen. After giving up a walk, Marlins pitching coach Randy St. Claire came out with a trainer to check on Turnbow. But he quickly waved him off. Turnbow then hit the following batter and slouched over on the mound in pain before manager Fredi Gonzalez came out with trainers and removed him from the game. Turnbow threw 10 pitches, just two for strikes. 

"For a guy that competitive to walk off the mound in that type of pain has to be tough," Gonzalez said. "We'll see. Hopefully, it's not as bad as we think it is."

Turbow said he felt great coming into the spring despite still having a small tear in his labrum. Up until a live batting practice he pitched a few weeks ago, he said he hadn't felt any discomfort. Tuesday, though, he did -- from the moment he started playing catch.

"It just didn't feel good working in the pen -- it was hurting," Turnbow said. "I thought I could go out there and get loose, hoping it would get better. I just felt awful, pain, tightness, it hurt to throw."

"Hopefully, it's nothing serious. But in any case, I'm sure I'll be shutdown for awhile. The chances of me making the big league team are over. We'll see what happens with me here, if they keep me here. Being a free agent is not a good situation. But you can only go until your body gives out."

> The Marlins lost both split squad games Tuesday. The Nationals pounded the Marlins 12-3 and the Braves beat the Marlins 6-3 in Lake Buena Vista.