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Should Marlins Send Coghlan to Minors?

    It's not getting better.

    Here we are, closing in on the end of April, and Chris Coghlan continues to clog the chain in the Marlins lineup. We're not talking a one-week slump. We're not talking a two-week slump. Strictly looking at batting average, we're talking perhaps the worst month-long slump in Marlins HISTORY, which I know is not as long as Boston's or Chicago's. But when you've won as many World Series titles in the past 15 years as the Cubs and Red Sox have won in the past bazillion, hey, you're entitled to mention history. The all-time worst batting average month by any Marlin belongs to Alex Gonzalez and his .150 April in 2000. Difference is, Gonzalez was out there for his glove and tended to bat seventh. Nobody noticed if he wasn't hitting -- and nobody really much cared until he hit THE home run.

 Coghlan   Coghlan they notice. Forget that he's the reigning NL Rookie of the Year. It goes far beyond that. While the Marlins probably weren't counting on Coghlan to duplicate his lofty .321 average from last year, neither were they counting on a buck sixty two, an on-base percentage a smidge above. .200, no extra-base hits and a growing propensity to whiff. He had a hit -- a single, of course -- in four at bats tonight. He struck out the other three times. He's struck out seven times over the past three games. The guy looks lost.

   He's already lost the leadoff spot. Is it time to lose Coghlan? To Triple A? Look, it's doubtful the Marlins call up Mike Stanton, not at the moment. June maybe. May? No. But it could be prime time to send Coghlan back to the minors to get his act together. Outfielder Bryan Petersen is hitting .314 with an on-base percentage of .415 at New Orleans. He could be a stop-gap until 1) Coghlan proves to the Marlins he's worked out the kinks; or 2) Stanton forces the Marlins' hand the way Miguel Cabrera did in 2003.

    If you're the Marlins, do you continue to show patience with Coghlan? Or is it time to move on? Your thoughts?