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Should Marlins Send Coghlan to Minors?

    It's not getting better.

    Here we are, closing in on the end of April, and Chris Coghlan continues to clog the chain in the Marlins lineup. We're not talking a one-week slump. We're not talking a two-week slump. Strictly looking at batting average, we're talking perhaps the worst month-long slump in Marlins HISTORY, which I know is not as long as Boston's or Chicago's. But when you've won as many World Series titles in the past 15 years as the Cubs and Red Sox have won in the past bazillion, hey, you're entitled to mention history. The all-time worst batting average month by any Marlin belongs to Alex Gonzalez and his .150 April in 2000. Difference is, Gonzalez was out there for his glove and tended to bat seventh. Nobody noticed if he wasn't hitting -- and nobody really much cared until he hit THE home run.

 Coghlan   Coghlan they notice. Forget that he's the reigning NL Rookie of the Year. It goes far beyond that. While the Marlins probably weren't counting on Coghlan to duplicate his lofty .321 average from last year, neither were they counting on a buck sixty two, an on-base percentage a smidge above. .200, no extra-base hits and a growing propensity to whiff. He had a hit -- a single, of course -- in four at bats tonight. He struck out the other three times. He's struck out seven times over the past three games. The guy looks lost.

   He's already lost the leadoff spot. Is it time to lose Coghlan? To Triple A? Look, it's doubtful the Marlins call up Mike Stanton, not at the moment. June maybe. May? No. But it could be prime time to send Coghlan back to the minors to get his act together. Outfielder Bryan Petersen is hitting .314 with an on-base percentage of .415 at New Orleans. He could be a stop-gap until 1) Coghlan proves to the Marlins he's worked out the kinks; or 2) Stanton forces the Marlins' hand the way Miguel Cabrera did in 2003.

    If you're the Marlins, do you continue to show patience with Coghlan? Or is it time to move on? Your thoughts?


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In my opinion... it is NOT time to get rid of him! With the leash that was given to players like Hermida, Bonifacio, and others in the past such as Abercrombie, Coghlan should stay for a while longer. If anyone is in question, i think it is Maybin still! He hasn't proven anything yet. Cogs at least proved to us last year what he can do at this level. Maybin hasn't proven anything! He stikes out just as much as cogs does and lots of times looks even worse doing it. His swing is normally awkward and either late or way too early. Maybin is doing better than Cogs, but by how much? You don't just immediately send a guy who hit .321 the year before down after one month! You would move him into the 8th hole first and see if he can figure it out there. I mean seriously, we put up with Boni last year for four months of the season and he was terrible in every way worse than Coghlan.


No Cogs is a slow starter.. You already forgot how aweful he was last year before Nick Johnson got here, he only took off after the nick Johnson trade (right before all star break), give him time


I would only agree to sending Cogs down if the front office brings up Stanton and they can guarantee that he is going to hit 30 homeruns and drive in 100 RBI. Obviously, this isn't realistic nor would that be my expectation for Stanton. The trade off would have pay off significantly and immediately. I mean bonistankio spent a whole season on the team without proving that he can hit major league pitchers. Putting Cogs in the eight hole might work. He may draw more walks maybe even help him with pitch selection and be more patient at the plate. Gabby has done great in the eight hole maybe Cogs can benefit as well. If they are going to do anything with Cogs I would hope Freddy makes the move sooner than later and hopefully he can be fixed before the Allstar break if not sooner.

Brent Caulder

Send him down. Its early in the season and we are winning without him. Replace him with Brett Carrol for the time being. Coghlan will get the kinks out but right now he's hurting us. Once he gets the kinks out which may take a month, maybe bring him and Mike Stanton up.


He sucks. I'd send him to Japan but I doubt his holier-than-thou Jesus-freak persona will go over too well in the Land of the Rising Sun. He needs to go and never darken our doors again. B-u-m.


Send him down so he can work on his swing. Put Gaby/Baker at the 2 hole until gogs can get it together. Remember Nolasco last year? same thing, just needs a reality check and to work on some things.

Marlin fan in Virginia

With or without Coghlan, this team is a .500 squad at best! We have the worst bullpen and defense in all of baseball. Plus, we have arguably the worst situational hitting squad on the planet.

Clearly not a recipe for success. Loria and his pet monkey must have been on LSD when they declared this a playoff team. Get real!


I agree with J-Dawg and his reference to Nolasco last year. Coghlan is a class act and he will realize he needs to get his act together. Going down for a month or so to get his stroke back will do alot of good. Last year Nolasco came back much improved.


i agree that he could be sent down for 2 or 3 weeks, but jobu: cogs does not suck. i cant stand "marlins fans" who call players horrible just cause theyre in a slump. all players will go thru tough times at the plate

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