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Marlins/Rockies: Let's Play Two

  The sun's out here at Coors Field, the Marlins are taking batting practice, and it looks like everything's a go for the doubleheader. The Marlins have played 31 doubleheaders all-time. They have swept six. They've been swept six times. And they've split 19.

  "The toughest thing about a doubleheader is you get two headaches," said manager Fredi Gonzalez. "That's called a double-headache."

  -- Gonzalez said he would probably not use closer Leo Nunez in both games of the DH, even if the situation arises. "There's guys you can do that with," Gonzalez. "I think we did it with Kevin Gregg. But I don't know about Nuny. I know that I wouldn't put him in that situation. We've kind of taken care of him in the last year."

  -- With Ricky Nolasco's start being pushed back a day due to Friday's rainout, Gonzalez said plans are uncertain who will now start on Wednesday when the Marlins face the San Diego Padres. He said if either Nolasco or Game 2 starter Nate Robertson are knocked out early today, they could come back on Wednesday. "Or we can spot start someone, like Clay Hensley," Gonzalez said.

  -- The Marlins had a free night in Denver on Friday. And how did catcher John Baker spend it? In his hotel room, tackling Plato's Republic.

  Baker's take:Plato

  "It reminds me of college, when people are like hammered and arguing. That's what the whole first book is. Plato is pretending to be Socrates, who is his teacher. And he's talking with Plato's brother in real life. They go down to some city, and they're debating whether it's better to be just or unjust. So they're arguing over who's right and who's wrong, and they present both their arguments. It's amazing that this is written in the fourth century B.C., because it just sounds normal, like normal arguments. Is it better to be selfish and look out for yourself, and make sure all your stuff is taken care of? Or is it better to do right by your fellow human beings? And that's what the first book is about. Plato, via Socrates, argues that it's better to be just than unjust. And the other guy argues that it doesn't matter. Unjust is stronger than the just, that just people are weaker."

  At this point in the conversation, Wes Helms walks past, gives Baker the look, and wants to know "what the heck" Baker is talking about.

  Helms: "I don't read books."

  Baker: "I'm reading Plato."

  Helms (thinking Baker said Play Doh): "I played with that when I was a kid."

  Baker: "He's a Greek philosopher. I personally think you would find his arguments interesting."

  Helms: "I don't care about that kind of stuff."

  And, now, on to the doubleheader.......


Marlins: 1. Cameron Maybin, cf; 2. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Jorge Cantu, 3b; 5. Dan Uggla, 2b; 6. Ronny Paulino, c; 7. Cody Ross, rf; 8. Brett Carroll, lf; 9. Ricky Nolasco, p.

Rockies: 1. Carlos Gonzalez, cf; 2. Seth Smith, lf; 3. Todd Helton, 1b; 4. Troy Tulowitzski, ss; 5. Brad Hawpe, rf; 6. Chris Iannetta, c; 7. Ian Stewart, 3b; 8. Clint Barmes, 2b; 9. Greg Smith, p.

 Umps: HP -- Rob Drake, 1B -- Cory Blaser; 2B -- Angel Hernandez; 3B -- Paul Schrieber.