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Maybin Seeing Stars After Collision with Sanchez

   The very last thing Cameron Maybin saw before he was knocked silly was the bill of Gaby Sanchez's helmet. It struck him square in the face when the two collided at first base in the first inning of Saturday's first game.

   "My equilibrium is still a little off," Maybin said after the doubleheader split with the Rockies.

   Maybin was at first base when Sanchez hit a soft liner to Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. As Maybin was retreating to avoid being doubled off first, Sanchez smashed into him.

    "I didn't see him, I just felt him," Maybin said. "By the time I looked up, all I saw was a black helmet. I just felt all plastic."

    Maybin was knocked off the bag by the impact, then tagged for the odd double play. He remained in the game, but became increasingly dizzy.

"My eyes were fluttering the whole game," the center fielder said. "I told (left fielder Brett Carroll), 'If you catch it early, call it, because I'm a little off right now.' My vision was a little blurry. My headache got a little worse. My eyes were kind of bouncing."

Maybin was replaced in the ninth inning and did not play the second game.

 "We did some kind of little test, and I don't think I have a mild concussion or anything," he said. "I think sitting over there the second game, it kind of subsided a little bit."

Maybin said he hopes to play Sunday when the Marlins complete the road trip.

Sanchez, whose locker is near Maybin's, called out a friendly warning to his teammate for the next time it happens: "Don't stand on the track when the train's coming."