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Nate Robertson Wowed by Marlins' Grit; Team Brass Holds Closed-Door Meeting Following Loss

   Another comeback, another loss by the Marlins on Tuesday. That makes two nights in a row the Marlins have made comebacks only to go down to defeat in extra innings to the Cincinnati Reds. And even though he pitched poorly, Nate Robertson walked away impressed with the never-say-die attitude he's noticed since joining the Marlins at the tail end of spring training.

   "They told me 'Get used to it. It's how it works around here,'" Robertson said.

   Robertson played on some strong Tigers teams in Detroit, but said he has "never seen anything like" the resolve on the Marlins to keep battling.

    "It's a heckuva team, coming back night after night," Robertson said. "So it's fun to watch. Sure, you would like to get in position where we don't have to make those late comebacks. You'd kind of like to win the traditional way sometimes, too. You know, hold the other team down, and you make some defensive plays and the bullpen holds."

 Of the Marlins eight games, six have been decided by two runs or less. The Marlins have also played three extra-inning games, most in the NL.

As for his pitching performance on Tuesday, Robertson said his slider wasn't working. He gave up home runs to Jonny Gomes and Ryan Hanigan, and nearly gave up another to Jay Bruce on a ball that umpires -- after reviewing replays -- determined had curled foul.

    Slumping Chris Coghlan Makes Sensational Catch

    He hasn't done much with his bat. By going 0 for 5 on Tuesday, Chris Coghlan's average dipped to .132. But the reigning NL Rookie of the Year made a significant contribution in the field with his diving catch on the warning track in the top of the 11th. He robbed Orlando Cabrera of extra bases and, in the words of third baseman Jorge Cantu, almost "saved" the inning for the Marlins.

Said Coghlan: "When you look back on it, you have to do something to help the team win. Obviously, right now, I'm not being as consistent as I can be offensively."

  Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he thinks that Coghlan is "close" to getting on track at the plate.

  "He is real close for me, swinging the bat," Gonzalez said.

  Closed-Door Meeting

  Gonzalez huddled with Marlins front office executives, including owner Jeffrey Loria, inside the manager's office for a lengthy period following Tuesday's loss, presumably to discuss personnel. If roster moves are made, the bullpen is the likely starting point. Jose Veras had another rough outing on Tuesday, giving up two runs in the top of the eighth. Veras' ERA now staqnds at 15.43 and he has given up at least one run in each of his four outings. Dan Meyer, who took the loss, has a 7.71 ERA.   


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If we don't get a solid bull pen this season will just be a blur !


Team should have one loss this season... Bullpen will make this team a 500 team...I can go cheap everywhere but u can't go cheap on relievers and expect to be a contender

Mr. B

Other than Hopper and Nunez (sort of) the bullpen needs a big broom taken to it. It's ridiculous that they've been so ineffective.
Cogs needs to work the count and stop swinging at pitches at his eyes. Those are our biggest issues. I hope we get it fixed soon or poor Fredi is fried fish.

DC Marlin

Veras must go and Meyer should be given a chance to improve... We have Scott Strickland in AAA, and hopefully we can convert Ryan Tucker and Vandenhurk to middle relievers.

Lastly, Brian Sanches needs to get healthy FAST!


All I have to say is: WTF?


they do this nonsense every year with Fredi everytime we get into a slump - they have this worthless closed door meetings that are useless because nothing is solved. Yeah we have some guys in the bullpen that are giving us trouble, but our biggest problem, the cancer here is Fredi Gonzalez - until he is gone this team will not reach its potential.


LMAO!!!!!!!!!! How is the bullpen blowing games Fredis fault!! Your delusional

Vazquez Gonzalez

FireFredy: You have some issues with cubans?
Some of us took your girlfriend away?
You are sick.

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