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For Hanley Ramirez, Is History Repeating Itself?

  Came across this article from the Boston Herald, dated May 9, 2003.....

  Growing pains continue for prized shortstop prospect Hanley Ramirez, who was sent down to the Instructional League yesterday for an unnamed violation of Red Sox policy.

   Ramirez, 19, is a five-tool player with dazzling offensive and defensive skills but also some maturity issues. Last season, Ramirez was sent home early from the fall's instructional league after getting into a confrontation with a coach.

Red sox hanley    The club felt the move was necessary for Ramirez, playing at Single-A Augusta, to get a handle on his emotions and attitude in the wake of the intense hype that greeted his breakout season. In the Gulf Coast League last season, he hit .341 with six home runs, 26 RBI, eight stolen bases and 16 walks in 45 games, and then hit .371 for Lowell with one home run and 19 RBI.

 Over the winter, club officials felt confident that Ramirez' frame of mind had improved and that he understood the areas in which he needed work. This spring, there were no further incidents until this week's.

   He had been off to a slow start for the Greenjackets this spring but this past week he had been showing signs of heating up, belting his first two home runs of the year. On the season, Ramirez is hitting .255 with two home runs, 14 RBI and 10 stolen bases, but has committed a whopping 12 errors in his 24 games at shortstop.

   "We don't expect him to be in extended spring training for a long time, assuming he does what we ask him to do," said Ben Cherington, director of player development.


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Did anyone in the entire state of Florida ever think that maybe Rameriez didn't take himself out of the game because he knew his back up has a sprained ankle? Add to it the face that Ugga publicly called him out last year for "not" playing through an injury and what you have is "darned if you do, darned if you don't". If I were him, I would'nt say anything to the coach and after the game hang with my boys, to "Heck" with the "team".


CJ, you seem to be a typical athlete apologist. Have you ever played a team sport at a high level? I doubt it. Did you watch the play in question? Maybe. But you can't possibly apologize for him if you saw the way he was jogging lightly after the ball he booted. In the meantime, 2 runners were hustling around the bases to score. You can't apologize for that.


I played basketball in college but at the D-3 level, so no I didn't play at a high level. What that has to do with this, I have no idea. lol.

But yes I saw the play. And the play(s) before it had him fouling a ball off his leg and him in pain. Then he ran half-speed to first, further indicating that maybe he was injured. So if he says he can't go, the back up is already nursing a bad ankle, which may be worse then him. Again, Ugga alreay called him out(and people agreed) that he didn't play through an injury last year. So maybe he sucked it up and tried to play, but really could'nt? I guess that never crossed anyone's mind, when they were too busy ripping the ONLY PLAYER ON THE TEAM WHO IS A STAR. lol.


cj, what has crossed everyone's mind is that he was loafing it. Everyone noticed it, except for you, who seems to want to stick by Hanley regardless of what offense he committed. Hanley is not a 'team' guy. That's understood, so to somehow indicate that Hanley was thinking about the 'team' during the course of the situation in question is absolutely laughable.

You know what, it's not even worth trying to go any further debating with you. You're a dope.


Loafing or not, Fredy did the right thing. What separates allstars from the rest of the pack is how you handle adversity. In '07 the same thing happened to jimmy rollins on two seperate ocassions for two different infraction of team policy. He never lashed out at his manager and actually came out and said that Charlie was right.

If you go back and listen to Cody, I think he may have hit the nail on the head in describing hanley's approach to the game. If he's not producing he seems so uninterested in playing.

We can only hope this was a humbling experience and he is able to check his ego.


"ONLY PLAYER WHO IS A STAR"???? You are a total fool if you truly believe that. Grow up, It takes 25 players and coaches to make A STAR. A STAR is one that drives in runs when needed and not strike out. A STAR is one that does not make 30+ errors on the field, costing his TEAM wins. A STAR is one that is always there, pushing THE TEAM to do better. A STAR is made not GIVEN. Hanley is a PUNK, overpaid, typical latin ballplayer that is given everything when they come to this country and not having to earn it. He should be benched for a week and not be paid, PERIOD. Bad enough his lack of hustle but the diarrhea of the mouth about HIS BOSS - MANAGER and fellow players is totally NOT ACCEPTABLE. Great LEADER, WHAT A GREAT BALLPLAYER FOR LITTLE KIDS TO LOOK UP TO....
No apology, no play, no pay, PERIOD

juan v

chill with the latin player remark for every hanley there is a tejada pudge cantu and many more so don't bring race to the ecuation and as far as what you have to say you can stick that latin hating crap up your you know what if baseball is going to strive in florida it will be up to the latin community cause all the red necks are moving out


You are a complete A-Hole. You are the type of LOSER who nobody would want anything to do with if they had to interact with others as part of accomplishing anything.

Guys like you (I played basketball to) are the ones we all remember as not caring about winning or losing or about the fact that in a team sport every individual's action affects the outcome for everybody.

If Hanley played golf or tennis and wanted to be an immature, lazy jerk nobody would have a right to criticize him because his actions would not affect an outcome or income for any teammate.

His actions during the game and then even worse than that his character and personality about everything the next day after he had time to cool down shows the kid is a first class jerk who nobody would trust for anything. An extremely talented jerk, but still a jerk.

Maybe you and Hanley can go hang out for a beer together and bond talking about how neither of you care about anybody but yourselves!


Well it seems that Florida and their fans only can make assumptions and we know what that means, you make an *.*.* of yourself. lol.

I was the starting pg on my high school team and a capt and the pg and capt of my college team, so I think I know a little bit about leadership and team work. lol.

But I also know you don't do certain things like undress a player in the media and then exspect him to accept it.

Charlie Manual did not go to the media and talk about Jimmy, he just took him out the game and spoke with him in the club house. That is how you handle your star player. My star player in high school(I was a role player) and I got into it for his big head, but I didn't run around talking about him. I told him in the lockeroom in front of the team and coaches, that if he didn't change his "stuff", I'll never call another play for him. And since I controlled the ball, and he knew it, he complied. Difference, is it was in the lockeroom.

But you guys know it all right. lol.

I bet you d.u.m.m.i.e.s never played the game and if you did, you were garbage, that's why your so mad at the world. lol.


p.s. another reason why this coach was wrong, you morons are acting like you know Ramirez and calling him all types of names because of ONE SINGLE PLAY. So for the rest of his career, many racist idiots like yourselves will forever judge him because his coach does not know anything about psycology. Again, this is why Phil Jackson has 10 rings and dumb hot headed coaches like Van Gundy have none. lol.

Oh, and yes I would hang with Dude, with all that money he has, I'm sure he would be buying. lol.


Hey CJ,
"One Single Play" for that stand up guy Hanley? Apparently even the "role player" athletes at your school did not develop their brain cells.

Are you illiterate? The very blog you post on is an article about how Hanley was a dog for the Red Sox and had a reputation of laziness and immaturity back then. It's obvious you LOVE guys like Hanley when you use that argument when the guy has multiple documented incidents.

Hey CJ, Do you have memory loss issues? Hanley acted like a 10 year old recently with the haircut-Jewelry rule incident. Demanding a trade because 70 million $$$ was not enough to have him get over that stuff.

Hey CJ, Do you have some degenerative brain illness? Did you forget Hanley being called out by Dan Uggla last year for being a dog who did not respect the game or his teammates?

The manager did not get personal in any public attack. The manager did not call him out in any way that the entire country did not know about. This was not an incident that the fans did not know details about and then the manager went public with.

You are a joke. The manager did his job. The manager did not take any personal shots like the idiot Hanley took at the manager and his teammates. Hanley made a total ass of himself in plain view of all fans at the game, nationally via highlights and with his comments.

Hanley did EVERYTHING wrong here and the manager did his job 199% right. There was nothing to "call out". Hanley hid nothing from anybody.

It's about 99% of national comments agreeing with my view, but I guess I don't know what I'm saying.

I feel sorry for any athlete that had to play with you as a teammate!


You sound really upset! lol. Calm down and relax a little.

He didn't mean it. He was forced to say sorry by a PC media, his agent and two front office "personell". But that's cool. If I were him, I'd simply hire Scott Boras as my agent during the last year of my contact and when they ask for a home team discount, just sit back and quietly remember all these articles, blogs, and the two members of the front office.

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