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Gonzalez Expects Ramirez to be in Lineup Tonight

   Indications are that the Hanley Ramirez saga is heading toward resolution, perhaps with an apology, and he'll be back in the lineup tonight.

   Fredi Gonzalez was just on WQAM-560 AM  and told host Orlando Alzugaray that he "would be really surprised" if Hanley Ramirez is not back in the lineup when the Marlins open a two-game series in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

 "It's going to get resolved one way or the other today," Gonzalez said during the interview. "I would be really surprised if he's not in the lineup today. We'll take care of it and he'll be in the three hole and playing shortstop."

    Gonzalez made similar comments this morning on 790 The Ticket with Jorge Sedano. Asked by Sedano if Ramirez had apologized, Gonzalez replied: "Not yet. Not yet. I expect him to do it. I expect him to do the right thing....but I think he needs to address his teammates a little bit. When that happens, we are good to go." 

  Gonzalez said Tuesday that Ramirez would not be allowed to play until he took care of the problem, which likely means apologizing to teammates. The manager said Ramirez didn't do that on yesterday's flight to St. Louis.

  But, based on Gonzalez's comments just now, it would seem that the crisis could end very soon, more than likely at Busch Stadium this afternoon.

   Ramirez was pulled from Monday's game for "lack of effort" and was benched on Tuesday.