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Gonzalez Expects Ramirez to be in Lineup Tonight

   Indications are that the Hanley Ramirez saga is heading toward resolution, perhaps with an apology, and he'll be back in the lineup tonight.

   Fredi Gonzalez was just on WQAM-560 AM  and told host Orlando Alzugaray that he "would be really surprised" if Hanley Ramirez is not back in the lineup when the Marlins open a two-game series in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

 "It's going to get resolved one way or the other today," Gonzalez said during the interview. "I would be really surprised if he's not in the lineup today. We'll take care of it and he'll be in the three hole and playing shortstop."

    Gonzalez made similar comments this morning on 790 The Ticket with Jorge Sedano. Asked by Sedano if Ramirez had apologized, Gonzalez replied: "Not yet. Not yet. I expect him to do it. I expect him to do the right thing....but I think he needs to address his teammates a little bit. When that happens, we are good to go." 

  Gonzalez said Tuesday that Ramirez would not be allowed to play until he took care of the problem, which likely means apologizing to teammates. The manager said Ramirez didn't do that on yesterday's flight to St. Louis.

  But, based on Gonzalez's comments just now, it would seem that the crisis could end very soon, more than likely at Busch Stadium this afternoon.

   Ramirez was pulled from Monday's game for "lack of effort" and was benched on Tuesday.


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I guess he's had a bit of a chat with people over night and might be cooling down from the entire situation and putting it into perspective. That would be good to see, from Hanley. This has got to end, and he has to learn from it.

Common Joe

Maybe players who dog it should be sued for not fulfilling their contracts.
They defraud the paying public, hurt the franchise’s image and not to mention
their own integity.


Common Joe, I don't think this franchise's image can be tarnished any more than it has been the past 13 years. Fire sales. no attendance, a penile owner, and a bumbling team president that spews so much garbage from his mouth on a yearly basis that it's amazing he doesn't hold the same position at Waste Management.

This situation is more of a referendum on Hanley than it is the Marlins.

Common Joe

Your right Matt, this is a referendum on Hanley. I vote that he should be banished from baseball because of his attitude.

poopy McGee

Last year Hanley is criticized for not playing hurt. Now he stays in the game obviously injured and is criticized. Damned if you do Damned if you don't.


poopy McGee- I didn't notice ANY limp as he dogged it after that ball. IF he was hurt then wouldn't we have seen him limping? There's FAR too much of this kind of attitude from players like him that think that they're bigger than the game. The game was great BEFORE Hanley and it'll do fine without him. If he doesn't want to give 100% then he should give some of the money back. Based on the way he went after that ball I'd say giving 50% back would be fair. Seriously though, I'm SHOCKED when I see this kind of thing. I NEVER played like that and I could only dream of being PAID to play the game I love so much.


In all my years as a baseball fan (50+) I've never seen a player dog it like Hanley did with that ball. He should not play unless he apologizes. If he was hurt so badly that he couldn't run he should have taken himself out of the game. I really respect Wes Helms, I hope Hanley does as well, and takes his comments to heart.

It was nice, though, to see the Marlins win handily without him. Go Fish!


So does this mean we boo him the next time he steps up to the plate or when his name is introduced in the line up.

Luis Valdés MD

What Hanley did is nothing but a lack of respect and decency to the uniform he wears, his team mates and the fans. Is not the first time he acts in this manner his lack of humbleneness and Diva Ego does not let him thinks or talk. He must be related to Manny Ramirez. As a fan give any time a Helms, an Uggla, a Coghlan or a Ross than an idot such as Hanley.
Where and who does the organization stands with? Girardi had to apologized to J. Loria doesn't Fredi deserves the same?

Luis Valdés MD


settle it like men and move on.....i am more about the team than all this talk of banishment....that's a little excessive....he gets the point now....we need him to make a playoff run and this series against the cardinals is too important for crap like this to break up the clubhouse.....

let's go marlins!!!

Lopez in Houston

Hanley is acting as a selfish and self centered individual. There is no room for that type of attitude and thinking on a team. Hanley is not bigger than the team. Period end of story. He needs to get his act together or he needs to get traded.


loria sucks


Just be a man and apologize. He didn't say you have to mean it, just apologize to your teammates if they feel it's owed. This whole episode has hurt Hanley in a way he doesn't even understand. How many fans and/or kids have changed their opinions about him since this happened? I for one am no longer a Hanley Ramirez fan, not because of what happened on the field Monday but because of his immaturity with his comments and inability to apologize.

Juan Gonzalez

I saw Uggla get picked off at second in the 9th a couple of weeks ago because he wasn't paying attention. It is a long season, things like that happen. Hanley came in shape and has been having a decent year, if Fredi has a problem with a play he should have handled it inhouse. The public manner in which he did was disrespectfull and counterproductive. Humiliating the guy in public is bad managing, Fredi's job is to get the most out of his players, this is not good for him longterm.

Fish Fan

Juan Gonzalez based on what i have read and heard from other media members that follow the team.... i feel that Fredi didn't through the public eye in order to take that next step of correcting hanley's behavior. Basically this wasn't the first time it happened and he needed to get crucified in order to open up his eyes.


I am a fan of the Marlins, and a fan of Hanley. I am not a fan of the way hanley handled this situation. He is young, he is good, and it looks as if it has gotten a little bit to his head. He disrespected his manager and his team mates. All he needs to do is say sorry and give 100%. easier said than done.

bill dunson

Ramirez made the comment that Fredi never played in the majors. This leaves me to wonder, "did Fredi ever own a dog?"


loria still sucks


Hanley acted like a jerk in this situation. In all the years I've seen Hanley play he's never done this over an injury. I still love the Marlins, we should just put this all behind us.

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