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Hanley Ramirez: "Happy to be in the lineup"

 Hanley Ramirez didn't have a lot to say about himself or the recent controversy following his 3-for-5 night Wednesday at Busch Stadium. However, he told Craig Minervini during a post-game interview that he was ready to move forward.

"I just came back in the lineup and got a lot of motivation from my teammates," Ramirez said. "We get along. Things are going to happen. 162 games. But I think you put those things on the side and keep moving forward."

    When asked what he told teammates before Wednesday's game, Ramirez replied: "I just apologized to everybody. So it's in the past. I talked to my family, wife and kids, and they're happy."

    Ramirez was more interested in discussing Anibal Sanchez's pitching performance in the 5-1 victory than his recent issues.

    When asked if he was glad the saga was now behind him, he responded: "We're just going to try to win the series (with a win Thursday). I'm happy to be in the lineup."

    Ramirez was booed by fans at Busch Stadium when he was introduced the first time. Apparently, he believes the response will be different when the team returns home to South Florida.

    "I'm not in Florida," he said. "I'm in St. Louis."