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Marlins Home Park is Gold Mine for Inside-the-Park Home Runs

           When slow guys like Hee Seop-Choi and Mike Redmond are able to hit inside-the-park home runs at Sun Life Stadium (or whatever the place happened to be called then), it stands to reason that just about anyone can do it. The outfield is spacious, especially to right-center, and there's the "Bermuda Triangle" to contend with in center.

           Cameron Maybin on Monday became the 16th player to hit an inside-the-park home run at Sun Life, making it the second easiest park in the majors since 1993 -- the year the Marlins joined the league -- to circle the bases without the ball going over the wall. Kansas City's Kaufmann Stadium tops the list with 20 inside-the-park home runs since '93, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

           Here's the updated list of the 15 times that Marlins have hit inside-the-park home runs. Note that all but three were hit at home:       

1. Bret Barberie (6/13/94) --at St. Louis

2. Alex Arias (6/2/95) -- Home

3. Kurt Abbott (8/9/95) -- Home

4. Kurt Abbott (8/10/95) -- Home

5. Edgar Renteria (4/5/97) -- Home

6. Kurt Abbott (5/29/97) -- Home

7. Kevin Millar (5/24/99) -- at Chicago Cubs

8. Cliff Floyd (6/19/01) -- Home

9. Mike Redmond (8/12/01) -- Home

10. Derrek Lee (4/12/03) -- Home

11. Hee Seop-Choi (5/19/04) -- Home

12. Juan Pierre (6/13/04) -- at Detroit

13. Hanley Ramirez (9/2/06) -- Home

14. Emilio Bonifacio (4/6/09) -- Home

15. Cameron Maybin (5/31/10) -- Home