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Jeffrey Loria Weighs In On Hanley Ramirez

    Reporters caught up with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago before Friday's game between the Marlins and White Sox and asked him about the Hanley Ramirez situation:

    Asked about the recent situation involving Hanley Ramirez, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria replied:

   "It was a clubhouse matter that was taken care of in the clubhouse. We've moved on."

   Clubhouse harmony has always been big for you.....

   Loria: "There is great harmony in this clubhouse. I was walking around here earlier and everything seems to be fine. If anything it's a building block for making us stronger.

  Did you have any conversation with him (Hanley Ramirez):

  Loria: "No. I haven't spoken with him. Fredi dealt with everything. I wasn't even in Florida."

  This type of story is not usually out there with the Florida Marlins attached to it. Was it kind of weird seeing it?

  Loria: "It's a human nature thing. People make mistakes and then they correct them and then they get stronger for it. And I think everybody is. I sort of watched it from the sidelines. There was no place for me to jump in and state my opinions. Everybody did what they were supposed to do, including Hanley."

You're very much a hands-on owner, though.

Loria: "There are certain things I'm smart enough to know when I should be involved."

How satisfied were you with the way Fredi handled it?

Loria: "He did absolutely fine."

You think there might be a lesson in leadership learned from something like this?

Loria: "Whenever you're going along the road and there's a bump in the road, it's a slight jar, it's a slight attention-getter, depending on how bad the fracture in the road is. It's not a major episode, in any sense of the word. It's something that happens during the course of the season and we have great guys on this team. All 25 of them great guys. And if you have a family with 25 brothers and sisters, little things would happen along the way."

  You said everybody did the right thing, including Hanley....

  Loria: "I think everybody did the right thing."

  Hanley's reaction on Tuesday, did that disappoint you at all?

  Loria: "I wasn't disappointed in anybody. I was just waiting to see that it would get rectified quickly. This was not major surgery. This was not brain surgery. This was a scratch. A band-aid had to be applied. It's not long-term. I think everybody learns. I'm older than these guys and I'm still learning. I still make mistakes. Not as many as I did when I was younger, but I still make mistakes."

   "What I'm sharing with you it's not the end of the world. We've moved on. Everyubody's moved on. I moved on three days ago."

You don't think this will have a long-term effect?

Loria: Zero. Zero. Zero long-term effect. Other than good things that will come out of this."

Do you plan to talk to Hanley at all?

    Loria: "Yes. I always talk to Hanley. I talk to everybody. I love these guys, Hanley included."