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Marlins Brace for Trio of Giants Aces

  Good thing the Marlins gave their bats some exercise Saturday and Sunday because they might be immobilized over the coming three days. That's becuase the Giants, who are in town for a three-game series, plan to send out Tim Lincecum (Tuesday), Barry Zito (Wednesday) and Matt Cain (Thursday).

  The Marins have never defeated any of the three. They are 0-7 agaisnt Lincecum, Zito and Cain.

  Naturally, the Marlins hitters were puffing their chests after Sunday 9-3 victory over the Nats and acted like it was no big deal.

  "Don't matter," said Wes Helms.

   But you guys are 0-7 agaisnt them?

   "Don't matter. Jamie Moyer owned us. Now we're getting him."

   But this is three of them.

   "Does not matter," Helms said. "It doesn't matter who's on the mound. They've got to throw the ball to the plate. We just have to have a good approach."

But these are pretty good pitchers, though.

    "It doesn't matter. If you start going up to the plate thinking about the name on the back of the jersey, you've already failed. You've just got to go up there and face the guy, look for your pitch. Doesn't matter what his name is."

Said Jorge Cantu: "It's major league pitchers against major league hitters. They're tremendous quality, all Cy Young contenders. We just need to have good approaches against them."


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Sanchez can pitch, no doubt about it. Lincecum can scuff the ball and make it do wierd things, and you never know which Cain will show up. Stay focused against Cain, keep checking the ball when Lincecum is out there and step up against Sanchez, do all that the Fish should get 2 out of 3.


How'd that work out so far? Seriously, you think Lincecem scuffs? Not that his FB is money, change drops off the table and he's now added an effective slider? There's only one Cain - and you'll see him in a few hours. Other than Greinke, he's the most snake bit pitcher in baseball regarding support. Check his ERA since he's come up. Yes Sanchez can pitch, but it was Zito who also dominated.

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