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Saga Ends -- Hanely Ramirez Apologizes, Returns to Marlins Lineup

   ST. LOUIS -- There is peace in the kingdom once again.

   Hanley Ramirez returned to the lineup Thursday after apologizing to manager Fredi Gonzalez and his Marlins teammates.

   "He went up to everybody individually, told us he was sorry and he was wrong, and that he wasn't going to let it happen again," said Marlins infielder Wes Helms. "We wanted him to do that, and he did it. It means a lot to do what he did today because now we can lay it down."

   Helms said Ramirez seemed genuine in his apology.

   "I kind of said to him, 'Hanley, you're better than that,'" Helms said. "And he said, 'I know. And I shouldn't have said the things I said, either.' From the way I got it, he apologized for everything."

   After being benched for "lack of effort" on Tuesday, Ramirez made comments critical of Gonzalez and his teammates on Wednesday. Gonzalez had said Ramirez would not return to the lineup until he apologized.

   On Thursday, Gonzalez was prepared for any eventuality. He wrote out two lineup cards, one with Hanley's name on it and one without. Once Ramirez apologized to him in a private meeting lasting about five minutes, Gonzalez posted the lineup containing Ramirez's name.

   "We still love him," Gonzalez said.


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Brad in ATL

We ALL make mistakes evryday. Let it go and move forward. And peace to Hanley, whom handled it the best he could. GO MARLINS!

Luis Espana

Is a good sign from Hanley, it shows he is mature enough to admits he did something wrong. For me as a fan, apologies accepted, it shouldn't happen again!


Excellent now let's move on


kudos to all, Hanley for manning up, Fredie for having the c-jones to do what he did and Helms for playing the leadership role. lets get back to baseball now.


dejen la boberia!

Andre Dawson

Do the right thing ...




Or you will be on your ass ...

Tony Perez

Translation ...

None needed ... "Oye, You see The Hawk's Eyes Chico?"


He didn't mean it. He was forced to say sorry by a PC media, his agent and two front office "personell". But that's cool. If I were him, I'd simply hire Scott Boras as my agent during the last year of my contact and when they ask for a home team discount, just sit back and quietly remember all these articles, blogs, and the two members of the front office.

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