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The "Big Worm" Hooks on with the Fish: Mike Stanton Promoted from Minors

    Make room for the "Big Worm."

    The Marlins announced Sunday that they are calling up outfielder Mike Stanton, who will join the team on Tuesday when they open a three-game series in Philadelphia against the Phillies.

    Stanton, who has hit .311 with 21 home runs and 52 RBI for Double A Jacksonville, was scratched from the Suns lineup on Sunday in Montgomery, Ala.

   Stanton won't be the only new face when the team arrives in Philadelphia. They also called up infielder Emilio Bonifacio and pitcher Rick VandenHurk from Triple A New Orleans. Mike Lamb was designated for assignment while outfielder Brett Carroll and reliever Tim Wood were optioned to Triple A.

    The arrival of Stanton, a 20-year-old outfielder with tremendous power, is the most anticipated call-up since the Marlins promoted Miguel Cabrera from the minors in 2003.

   Stanton is almost universally regarded as one of the game's top five young prospects. Before the season, Baseball America rated Stanton as baseball's third-ranked prospect, behind Atlanta outfielder Jason Heyward and Washington pitcher Stephen Strasburg. Stanton will likely make his debut on Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park, about 125 miles from Nationals Park where Strasburg is scheduled to make his pitching debut for Washington.

   Listed at 6-5, 233 lbs., Stanton possesses tape-measure strength. He hit a home run last month in Montgomery, Ala., that traveled an estimated 500 feet. When manager Fredi Gonzalez introduced him to Bill Parcells in spring training, the player personnel czar for the Dolphins said Stanton looked "wormy," thus his nickname.

   Since the Marlins are on the road through the end of the week, with stops in Philadelphia and St. Petersburg, the first time South Florida fans will have a chance to see him will be on June 15 when the Marlins open a series with the Texas Rangers. 


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mister mister

bonifacio spoiled the big news

MLB response





^^^^^ why??? .311 with 21 home runs and 52 RBI
seems pretty good to me. lol


mike's an idiot !!! anybody who knows anything about baseball knows mike stanton is a beast !!!


Bonifacio coming up stinks...Maybin staying stinks...Marlins trying to make Cabrera and Olson/Willingham trades look good when they both STINK...P.U. MARLINS


Nice to see Stanton finally promoted to the ML, he is most certainly deserving of the call up - but it seems the team is looking at him as the savior. I had mentioned this before Stanton got the call - Whou would be the odd-man out when he gets called up - Most agreed it would be Maybin because he has the least impressive of stats but I think even though his numbers dont show it, you have to actually watch games to know the progress this kid has made and sending him down woul only set him back. Coghlan got hot at the right time. Carroll ended up being demoted and I would say is because of the fact that offensively he hasnt given us much compared to the other guys - But, I think we couldve only made our team stronger even with 4 OF's. I think, we couldve done without one of our position players such as Barden who doesnt get very much playing time - this way we dont lose anything but gain. Tim Wood was here for far too long shouldnt have to begin with. Bringing Boni back will give us versatility and the ability to use him in so many ways. Hurk was brought to be a pen-arm, he has had time up here before and shown us good stuff but has been very inconsistent and i dont think it will be long before he is sent down again and hopefully then BC can comeback.

I know this team has pride itself on pitching for years and years, but its clear our best players (Stanton,Coghlan,Hanley) and other up and comers on the offensive side. I think focusing on the pitching for now can be put to rest. I think this team would be better off carrying more hitters than pitchers in the lineup.

At the end of the day, though, Fredi The Bullpen and Bench Killer Gonzalez is still our manager an that takes away from any good we feel when we get a guy like Stanton to join the team. I think now that he is up here, Fredi should be given a deadline by which he has to ge the team back on track or he gets fired. Some will say we arent in bad shape, but we could be a lot better and the only way to get there is without Fredi.

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