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Marlins designate Pinto; Ramirez talks struggles

Get out your vuvuzelas Renyel Pinto haters. The left-handed relief pitcher who makes your blood pressure rise in the late innings of Marlins games is on his way out of South Florida. 

Renyel Pinto The Marlins designated Pinto for assignment after Wednesday's 6-3 loss to the Rangers. Pinto gave up a solo home run to Josh Hamilton in the ninth in his first appearance since coming off the disabled list. 

I'm not trying to defend Pinto here. But was this move really necessary? Or was Pinto just the fall guy after another tough loss, which sent the Marlins to three games under .500 and 6 1/2 games back of the Atlanta Braves (the deepest ditch they've been in all year)?

The home run, after all, was the first Pinto had given up all season and dropped his ERA to 2.70. Pinto, who was supposed to be the Marlins new long relief pitcher, has never been great against lefties (they were hitting .255 lifetime against him coming in). But he didn't appear to be the biggest problem in a struggling pen.

Tim Wood, who is collecting plenty of frequent flier miles between here and New Orleans, will replace Pinto. Wood wasn't exactly Dennis Eckersley when he was here before. When he was sent back down to Triple A on June 6th, he was 0-1 with a 5.60 ERA.

HANLEY SAID HE FEELS GREAT: It wasn't too long ago Hanley Ramirez told us he felt like his timing was off. In fact, it was only a little more than a week ago when the Marlins were swept in New York. 

Despite going 0-for-3 with runners in scoring position Wednesday, Ramirez maintained he's feeling better at the plate. "Just because I didn't get a hit tonight doesn't mean I don't feel good," Ramirez said. "I feel great."

Hitting coach Jim Presley and manager Fredi Gonzalez both said Ramirez appeared a little too anxious at times this season. Wednesday, he saw just five pitches in his last three at-bats. He grounded out on a fielder's choice on a 1-0 pitch with the bases loaded and one out in the third. He flew out to left on a 1-0 pitch with a runner on third in the fifth. And he grounded into a double play on the first pitch he saw with runners on the corners and nobody out in the eighth. 

If that doesn't smell of an anxious hitter I don't know what does. Ramirez by the way is hitting .200 (13 for 65) with runners in scoring position this season. He hit .373 in those situations last year.


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I thought Pinto had naked pictures of Loria or something....This move should have been done last year. How can you question this move????


Pinto, good riddance! Finally..................


I agree totally with this article...Pinto is not the problem here it is the fact that the middle of the lineup can't hit, the manager is clueless when it comes to matchups with his bullpen and the star player clearly is unhappy. This team last year was not as bad as they are now. Fredi should be the real fall guy here and Loria should kick him to the curb. You watch we'll see Pinto in a different uniform pitching against the Fish and he'll look like Cy Young against us. Fredi, Randy St. Claire and the hitting coach Presley that nobody can remember when he played all need to get out of Miami.


the heart of the line up, 3-7, were 0-19 last night. Ross and Uggla, I love them both, but their swinging strike threes, are the same out of the strike zone pitches they have been swinging and missing for the past three years. I think the hitting coach has to take some responsibility, maybe be replaced

Sad Fish Fan

Unfortunatley, this is the year they need to blow it up and start all over again.. See what you can get for Cantu, Ross, Uggla, Maybin, N.Robertson, etc.

We should be able to get a nice return, but with this team's recent track record with trades... I don't know.

To be honest, I'd even put feelers out on Ramirez.


This team is playing up to it's talent...period. The talent on the team is not good. The composition put together by Larry Beinfest is bad. No manager, not Joe Torre, not Bobby Valentine could have done better than Fredi. They don't field well, they strike put too much, they have bad instincts, don't throw enough strikes, they only have one power arm, the bullpen is bad, and they're streaky. Blowing up the team might be the best thing. But don't blame the coaches, it's a bad team. No matter how much you would have coached Mario Mendoza he would have still hit .200 or less. Maybe some of you will know something about the Mendoza line lol.


1) Pinto was used incorrectly. He has never been a lefty specialist. His BAA righties is much better.
2) This practically identical team was playing last year, and now the talent is no good? The nucleus has been here for four years already.
3) They aren't performing/overshadowing what has always been a shady bullpen because Coghlan was horrendous for a while, Ramirez has been severely deficient w/risp, and the power numbers from Ross are not there as much this year.
4) Hanley Ramirez's fly ball to left was hit very well and went to the base of the wall in left center. Mis-characterization of his at bat.

Delray Gary

This team almost took 3 out of 3 in Tampa. To come back home and look like a completely different team, it is evident their is something wrong. Coaching needs to change. You understand why the fans are frustrated.

Good Bye

Pinto has been terrible for the last several years.

This should not have been a suprise to anyone.

I still say he cost us a playoff spot last year. How many blown opportunities last year with the Marlins up late and Pinto comes in to blow the game. Granted the guy has had some great stretches but those are few and far between.


Pinto has always stunk. His numbers are deceiving. He always comes in with 2 or 3 guys on base and they score but they don't count towards his ERA.

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