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Might Marlins Make Edwin Rodriguez Their "Semi-Permanent" Manager?

   With it appearing highly doubtful that Bobby Valentine will work his way back into the picture, don't be surprised if the team chooses to have interim skipper Edwin Rodriguez continue to manage the club the rest of the way before re-assessing the situation after the season. It wouldn't be the first time the Marlins have gone that route. In 2001, Tony Perez took over after John Boles was fired in late May before stepping aside when Jeffrey Loria bought the team in 2002 and installed Jeff Torborg.

   -- The Marlins on Monday mailed in 800,000 All-Star ballots gathered during the club's ballot-stuffing campaign, which should cement Hanley Ramirez as the NL's starting shortstop but probably won't be a factor with any of the other positions. The campaign was so successful that the Marlins had to borrow blank ballots from the Tampa Bay Rays to satisfy demand.

   -- Catcher Ronny Paulino has started each of the past 20 games for the Marlins and been behind the plate for all but two of the 175 innings since June 4 when Brett Hayes was the starter. Paulino ranks 10th in innings caught among major league catchers, but only because he was sharing time with John Baker earlier in the season. It'll be interesting to see how well Paulino holds up with such a rigorous schedule and in South Florida's punishing summer weather (though the Marlins don't play another true home game until they emerge from the All-Star break on July 16).