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OF Cameron Maybin Optioned to Minors, Reliever Clay Hensley Placed on the DL

    The good times keep on coming for the stumbling Marlins.......

   Following a closed-door clubhouse meeting Thursday that was led by Marlins first base coach and resident motivational speaker Dave Collins, the Marlins announced several roster moves. Outfielder Cameron Maybin was optioned to Triple A New Orleans and reliever Clay Hensley was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a left neck strain. Maybin wasn't playing, but the DL move with Hensley represents a blow considering he was one of the few dependable options out of the pen.

    The Marlins are calling up right-handed reliever Scott Strickland and infielder Mike Lamb from New Orleans to fill the two roster spots. Strickland, who has gone 3-0 with a 1.72 ERA in 14 appearances for the Zephyrs, has not pitched in the majors since 2005.

    Maybin had not played since June 6, just before Mike Stanton was called up from the minors and inserted into the outfield.

   "I think it's been seven or eight days he hasn't even had an at bat," said manager Fredi Gonzalez. "We knew this could happen when we brought Mike up. We've got to do with what's best for Maybin, and I commend him for the way he's gone about his business. He's a 23-year-old kid that needs to play."

   The Marlins have already used 15 pitchers out of the bullpen this season. Strickland will make it 16. Hensley was DLd, retroactive to June 12.

   -- It was another subpar start by Ricky Nolasco, whose throwing error in the fifth inning was monumental in terms of the outcome. Marlins pitchers have now committed 13 errors this season. Next on the list are the Chicago Cubs, whose pitchers have made nine errors. The club record for errors by Marlins pitchers in a season is 20, which belongs to the 2007 staff.


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Send Fredi to single A


What to do?

Seems increasingly likely that major changes are coming.

I don't think I like seeing Cody batting after Dan Uggla. I believe It's time to juggle that line up a bit. We sure do have too many right handed batters all in a row. Some tough and unpopular trades might be coming very soon, IMO.

Love Coghlin, Gaby. We need to get that clean up spot figured out.


It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Maybin wasn't sent down in preparation for some major changes after the all star break.

If the team falls out of the pennant race, look for Uggla and Ross to be traded, with Maybin returning and Coughlin being tried at second.

Other than the terrible bullpen, the biggest problem is the lack of a left handed bat with any pop. Baker's injury has hurt, but I am hopeful that there is someone down on the farm that could be fill that bill


I do not think Baker's injury has been terrible. Paulino has played great. Our bullpen is just terrible. If you pitcher does not pitch a complete game, we blow the lead.


Time to start trading away salaries. There has to be talent in the minors.


Wow what a frustrating team to root for.
Thanks for being cheap to tie up the loose ends(bullpen)Loria you cheapskate !
Cody, Uggs and Cantu have some really bad at bats , but Hanley's at bats with runners in scoring position has really hurt us more than anything offensively.
I agree a shakeup of the lineup is in order.


Dan Uggla should not be traded. PERIOD! He is the most durable player in the infield and a star power hitter at his position compiling monsterous HR numbers every year. The team has asked he cut down on Strike Outs; he has done that; asked him to work the count for walks: he has done that too. He is pivotal for the DP combination with Hanley. Next move should be to sign him long term. PERIOD!

Tony Carles

The Marlins finally used the one-way ticket to New Orleans for Maybin. He is indeed fast but, as the old saying goes, "you can't steal first base". The team has to bring in some middle-relievers, since the ones presently in the bullpen are not up to the task. I understand that the team has brought up Alex Sanabia from Jacksonville. He is 5-1 with an ERA of 2.03 so, hopefully, he can help in the pen.

Tony Carles

The Marlins have finally used the one-way ticket to new Orleans reserved for Maybin. As the old saying goes, speed is important but "you can't steal first base". Also, the bullpen has been horrible. I understand that Alex Sanabia has been brought up from Jacksonville. He is 5-1 with an ERA of 2.03 so, hopefully he can help in the pen.

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