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Stan Van Gundy Goes off on Loria and Beinfest on 790-The Ticket

  Let's be very clear. Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and Fredi Gonzalez are close personal friends, and so Van Gundy's opinion of his buddy's firing is biased, to say the least. But Van Gundy probably won't ever be invited into the owner's suite at the Marlins' new ballpark, even if he wasn't formally renouncing the Marlins, as he vowed to do on Dan LeBatard's show this afternoon on 790-The Ticket.

  Actually, Van Gundy said more than that. Quite a bit more. Here's a sampling:

  Van Gundy described Loria's thinking -- that the Malrins are a playoff contender without spending accordingly on payroll -- is "delusional."

  "There's one guy not stepping up," Van Gundy said of Loria. "It's absurd. Is there a fan down there who thinks Loria is committed to winning? The guy who hasn't done his part, let's be honest, is Jeffrey Loria. He hasn't stepped to the plate."

  In noting that Gonzalez's record as manager (246-249) isn't markedly inferior to Bobby Valentine's (1117-1072), Van Gundy had this to say: "Acting like this guy is one of the best managers in baseball is absolutely insane."

   Van Gundy also took Larry Beinfest to task, saying the president of baseball operations didn't provide Gonzalez with a decent bullpen.

   "In what tangible way has Beinfest been accountable for putting that bullpen together?" Van Gundy asked. "There was one guy held accountable, Fredi. That bullpen is bad. Why not go out and get somebody? But, no, we make a managerial change instead."

    And that's only part of it. If you want to hear the whole thing, click here.


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Tommy dQ

Love Van Gundy. Tells it like it is.


Give 'em hell SVG! Loria is the worst owner in professional sports. Not only is he a total cheapwad, but he has ZERO respect for his team, it's fans, it's history, or baseball in general.


I love how jeff wouldnt say Douche when playing Douche or No Douche last week because his mother might be listening, but Stan had to be bleeped for saying "you're shi**** me"

love me some SVG


Note to Stan Van Gundy, Fredi was our biggest problem and we got rid of him. Now we are a better team thanks to him being fired.


So what next? Fire Ed Rodriguez!


I love Stan's loyalty to his friend, but I believe that he's wrong in the fact that Loria has no accountability, he does, his attendance record is the one he deserves, Stan is correct, Loria has not stepped up to the plate, he's a joke as an owner.


We first had, Wayne Huizenga, an owner who dismantled a World Series team --disrespecting every Marlins fan-- We now have the cheapest owner in MLB. Fredi didn't have a bullpen. Any knowledgeable baseball fan knows that championship teams must have a first-class bullpen and WE DON'T HAVE SUCH A BULLPEN. Frankly, we suck.!! --macaronte

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