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Strickland has unique perspective on candidates

BALTIMORE -- President David Samson acknowledged at least two candidates to become the Marlins next manager: interim skipper Edwin Rodriguez and ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine.

More than a handful of Marlins have played for Rodriguez, who served eight years in the organization including a few as manager at Triple A New Orleans and Single A Greensoboro.

Reliever Scott Strickland, though, also played for Valentine in his final season as manager of the Mets in 2002. He said he thinks both candidates would do a good job as the Marlins skipper.

"Bobby wants to win so damn bad," Strickland said. "He just always struck me like a general. If you're going to go into a war, you want Bobby Valentine on your side.

"The thing about him is he always knew where you stood. He always asked you how you were feeling, if you were sore, he would be roaming around talking to guys and how they were feeling. He knew his guys, I knew that. He's a players guy, a players manager."

As for Rodriguez, who has managed Strickland Triple A the past two seasons, Strickland described him as a "professional."

"I don't think he's big on getting in your way or making you do things your not capable of doing," Strickland said. "He just kind of is like, go do your thing, go do it. He's not an in your ear, yell at you guy. Edwin is a good man, too. He's got a big heart, huge heart. He feels the pain we lose or individually struggling. He feels your pain. He'll help you try to figure it out. He's not the type of guy who yells you. He puts his arm around you, father-figurelike."

> In lighter news... the Marlins released left-hander reliever Renyel Pinto, who had been designated for assignment on June 16. The also outrighted Jorge Sosa to Triple A.