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Valentine is out as candidate

A Major League source told the Miami Herald that ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine is no longer in the running for the Marlins managerial position. Sports Illustrated was the first to report the news earlier this afternoon.


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DC Marlin

Valentine realized that this is a last place team and that he would have no chance in hell of winning with these scrubs!

It is time to blow it up and start planning for the 2012 team. Ross, Maybin, Cantu, Uggla, Nolasco, A.Sanchez, etc should bring back a nice return, but... you never know with these clowns and trades (Maybin, Miller, Bonifacio, Lindstrom, etc).

Lastly, I think that it is time to send Stanton down, because his confidence is going to be destroyed. He isn't ready for the bigs and was rushed by the "Prospect Killers", known as the Marlins front office.

At least Stanton has the Marlins philosophy at the plate down pat... "Swing as hard as you can at all times, two strikes or not and strikeout 70% of the time"... This kid is going to break the strikeout record in half a season at this pace.

Tony Carles

I agreed with the decision to bring Mike Stanton up from Double A. However, I thought he would be used sparingly initially, maybe as a DH or in mop-up time, giving him an opportunity to learn and observe big-league pitching. Instead, management threw him right into the fire and he obviously wasn't ready. How much damage has been done to his 20 year old psyche? Has the team taken this talented ballplayer and demoralized him indefinitely? Whoever made this decision (probably Fredi) bears the responsibility.

Mr. B

Tony you really don't know anything about the Marlins. Fredi did not make those decisions. Management makes all the personnel changes. The manager is just there to do what he can on the field. Just leave Fredi alone. He is no longer here.

NWFL fan

Is Stanton destined to become the next Cameron Maybin? Lots of promise-no production.


Coghlan hit something like .150 his first month or so in the bigs last season. Give Stanton some time. He's the real deal. This club is not going anywhere this season, thus the everyday OF should be Coghlan, Maybin, and Stanton. Or, move Coghlan to his natural position, 2B, and call up Morrisson. Trade guys like Uggla and Ross. It's over. This club maximized its potential last year.


Great can-do attitude guys. The team is probably one set-up guy away from being pretty good. The offense and bullpen are both slumping at the same time. Its a long season and there is plenty of time for them to get hot.

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