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Valentine or Rodriguez Would Make For Puerto Rican Intrigue

One way or the other, the manager will be THE story for the Marlins when they head to Puerto Rico early next week for a three-game "home" series against the Mets. If interim manager Edwin Rodriguez is still at the helm, he'll be managing on native soil. Rodriguez is the first Puerto Rico-born manager in the majors.

But if Bobby Valentine has the Marlins gig by then, he'll be taking on a familiar foe, returning to the majors as manager for the first time since being dumped by the Mets after the 2002 season. In an e-mail, Valentine said "I will be there this weekend" ("there" meaning South Florida) when asked when he planned to interview with the Marlins. So it would appear that Rodriguez will, at the very least, still be calling the shots through the San Diego series.

The Marlins face the Mets in San Juan on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Marlins president David Samson said the Marlins would like to have a permanent manager in place by the All-Star break that begins July 12. In the past, the Marlins have tended to move rapidly with managerial changes. Jack McKeon was in position to take over immediately when Jeff Torborg was fired in 2003, as was Fredi Gonzalez when Joe Girardi was given the boot after the '06 season. The only time the Marlins have taken their time conducting a search was before the Girardi hiring. But because that process took place after the '05 season, they had plenty of time to play with. Not so now with a mid-season move in which the aim is to quick-start the team.

"NO SOUR GRAPES" FOR PRESLEY...Jim Presley was mystified by his dismissal, saying his record for 4 1/2 seasons as Marlins hitting coach "speaks for itself." The Marlins, as Presley noted, didn't suffer from lack of offense during his time with the team. "If not for the offense, swinging the bats, we wouldn't have won some of those games this year," Presley said. "The offense was my responsibility and I think for the past 4 1/2 years, we were pretty good at it." Presley said when he was fired Wednesday morning in Baltimore, he asked "Did I not do a good job? Their answer was yes." But Presley stopped short of criticizing the organization. "I appreciated the opportunity." Since Presley took over as hitting coach in 2006, the Marlins have: ranked 8th in runs scored in '06 among NL teams, 6th in '07, 5th in '08, 5th in '09 and are 5th currently. Prior to Presley's arrival, the Marlins never finished higher than 8th in runs scored at any time during the decade, including the World Series year in 2003 when they ranked 8th with a lineup that featured Ivan Rodriguez, Derrek Lee, Mike Lowell, Juan PierreLuis Castillo and Miguel Cabrera (for half the season). "It's a numbers game and the numbers don't lie," Presley said. There's a good possibility that the Marlins axed Presley -- as well as bench coach Carlos Tosca -- to create vacancies that the new manager can fill with coaches of his own choosing. And since all of the team's other coaches were hired within the past year, the feeling within the organization could be that it would be unfair to get rid of the newcomers so quickly.


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Presley might know alot about hitting but I don't think he was very good at getting his message across.

Guys like Uggla and Ross have been swinging and missing the same out of the strike zone pitches for the past three years. They produce runs, that is true. But they don't make productive outs by swinging and missing.

I think the hitting coach must assume at least some of the responsibility for that.

Mr. B

He did very well with what he had. He'll go on to a pennant winner in the next couple of years.


Uggla is a power guy, Power guys strike out. They should have fired St.Claire his bullpen is terrible. I mean if Presley got fired I think St.Claire was much more deserving.


All I can say is that the Marlins once again proven that the ownership has no clue. They got rid of three proven coaches who have done nothing but gotten more out the players given them than anyone else could have. Here is one more fan that this ownership group has pushed away and won't attend another game unitl they are gone.


Can you just explain where the sense of urgency is with Valentine? Why can't he be in South Florida today? Does he have to go on Baseball Tonight on Thursdays or something? If I'm a player on this team I kind of what like to have some answers. And it begs the question how much respect is Rodriguez getting right now?

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