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Will Wild Pitches Scare the Fish?

    This just in: two salt-water aquariums will serve as the home plate backstop in the Marlins ballpark. Here's an artist's rendering of how it'll look:


   The "backstop aquariums" will flank the two sides of home plate. So, like, you can watch the fish when you're not washing the Fish. We're told the material used for the see-through paneling is the same type of stuff used in bullet-proof glass. Still, you have to wonder what the unexpected impact of a Stephen Strasburg fastball will do to the fish.


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Hey, how 'bout spelling it "AQUARIUM?"

Mike Stanton

The fish are better off there than in the Gulf...


Well, it's Florida, so it's where the Gulf fish go to retire.


The eco systed is screwed in the gulf....fish are better off in the tank...live longer


Great idea, baseball is boring anyhow. Why not give the fans something more exciting to look at!?!


Yes, that is what will get the Marlins to draw more than 3,000 people to a game; fish tanks.

South FLA hasn't cared since Huizinga dismantled the '97 Champs. A new ballpark won't make people care.



On the downside, the fish have to pay $300 a game for these seats. On the upside, the Marlins are going to count them in their attendance stats.

Red in Dearborn, Michigan

The amusement park-type amenities in new parks are a bit ridiculous. You're there to watch a game, not fish... I guess it's perfect for those with A.D.D.

Bob Uecker

Bull penis.

Dennis Y. Kim

I think that when it is built,there will be two drawing in factors, 1 the actual baseball game, & a source of interest if one is into icthialogy as a reason to go to the ballpark for a game by the Marlins.


I think it's kinda dumb that it can't hold a marlin... Oh well it's still cool.


Although I think it is a good idea to bring new and facinating ideas to new baseball stadiums, I think the thought of seeing the fish in the aquarium scatter when the impact of a ball hits the glass many including myself will soon disapprove of the idea. I am an aquarium owner since I was 10 years old and I know the slightest sound makes fish scatter and they display distress. Good idea guys, bad location..Johnny T Orlando Fl.


Going to be spending lots of money on fishes.instead of spending it on the kids.not good!Who is making the Aquariums?

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Yah I love this idea. Baseball is boring for some times and these fishes can catch our attention somehow.

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This idea is very cool. Does it exist as of this day?

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