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Can another wild win save Marlins at deadline?

Last week, Donnie Murphy was just another one of those Triple A guys the Marlins called up to try and fill their bench. This week, he's Captain Comeback.

Murphy's game-winning single in the ninth off closer Billy Wagner sent the Marlins into a wild, walk-off celebration for the third time this week. But will it be enough to stop management from dealing away important chips before the trade deadline July 31? We'll have to wait and see. 

But now that they're back at .500, they may have at least bought themselves some more time. The Marlins were originally believed to be looking at this Sunday, the final day of a 10-game home stand, as the final evaluation day. But word trickling out late Friday after the win is that the team will now continue to evaluate all the way up to the July 31 deadline when the Marlins are out on the West Coast.

The team could still end up making a couple of trades. Jorge Cantu, due to make some big money next year, has reportedly drawn interest from the Giants, Rockies and Rangers. If anybody is like to go, it's him. But if they do fall out of the race, Cody Ross and closer Leo Nunez could be the next to go.

> Manager Edwin Rodriguez said postgame he thinks there is a 90 percent chance now Chris Volstad starts on Sunday, but a final decision has yet to be reached.


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Stan M

I agree that Cantu is the least likely retainee and if anyone goes first it will likely be he. However whether he or Cody (a Nunez trade would be absurd) is moved, one must consider how much short or long term improvement the returning player/players would produce. Would the talent acquired replace a current starting position player? Unlikely. Would a pitcher be better than Volsted. West, or that Dutch kid? Probably not? Would a prospect have a better future than Morrison, Dominguez or Skipworth. Heck no. And we still have pitchers in AA that are excellent prospects and probably better than anything that Cody or Cantu would bring. My point is that a trade that would garner real improvement is unrealistic; particularly when it is a given that Loria would balk at any substantial salary increase. I didn't mention the bullpen simply because I see nothing out there that is any better than what we have except for one or two that would make Loria choke at their cost. Now dumping (I mean packaging) Miller and Maybin along with Cantu could possibly bring someone of value. But that would be admitting that the Carcrera trade was a horrible mistake and somehow I can't see Management doing that.


Trading Miller or Maybin would be ADMITTING the Cabrera trade was a horrible mistake? You think they need to admit that? Pretty hard to argue at this point that it wasn't horrible.

If you think they won't trade one of those guys because they'd be admitting that trading a triple crown threat for nothing was a bad move, then you're high.

Wild Bill

"We'll have to wait and see." Lame. Why pose the question if you're not going to answer it? Answer: There's no reason. This is a blog, go out on a limb. You should be embarrassed by your effort.


Should we unload, we definitely need lefties.

Right now, we have no hitters with any pop from the left side. Perhaps Logan Morrison could be the guy, but we could use a few more left handed hitting prospects for sure.

As for left handed pitchers, other than West, what does future hold for either starters or relievers.

Not too long ago that we had too many lefty starters, Willis and Olsen in particular.

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