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Cantu Wants Some of Uggla's Power

   Dan Uggla was talking to reporters after last night's game about his recent home run surge when Jorge Cantu, who was dressing at a nearby locker, overheard the conversation and inserted "Could you pass some (power) along over here?"

   These are tough times for Cantu, offensively, defensively and perhaps mentally.

   Cantu' bat is cold. He has not homered since June 23. His glove is worse than ever. After making an error and dropping a foul pop on Monday, manager Edwin Rodriguez took him out of the lineup on Tuesday, saying that the trade deadline is likely weighing on the third baseman. It was the second time in the past three games that Cantu was not in the starting lineup, and Rodriguez said his status is "day to day" as far as returning to the lineup. Maybe the Marlins are afraid that by playing Cantu -- and exposing his flaws to the Giants, Rangers and Rockies -- the worse their chances become of unloading him before Saturday's trade deadline.

    The latest: Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports tweeted that the Giants are becoming increasingly interested in Cantu, which is somewhat surprising considering how these first two days have gone for Cantu in San Fran. The Giants do have a young left-hander (Clayton Tanner) that the Marlins asked about during the winter meetings, so perhaps there's a possible fit there.


    SPEAKING OF UGGLA....The second baseman was hitting so many singles for awhile there that his brother started calling him "Judy" as in a Punch and Judy hitter. Uggla said he hasn't heard from his brother the past few days, though. Uggla hit two home runs on Tuesday to give him five over the past five games. He is now within one home run of equaling Mike Lowell's franchise record 143 homers.

Uggla has 21 home runs on the season, giving him five consecutive years of at least 20 and putting him on target for another 30+ season, which would be his fourth straight.

   "It's one of those numbers you do want to reach before the end of the season, and I've done this (20 or more) for the fifth time, and I'd like to do 30 for hte time time and just kind of keep things going," Uggla said.


    CREATIVE CELEBRATING, IDEAS ANYONE?....In the aftermath of the Chris Coghlan pieing episode, Rodriguez has instructed Marlins players to find a new way to celebrate their walk-off wins, something that doesn't pose quite as much physical risk. Be creative, Rodriguez told them. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll be happy to pass them along.


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Joe Schmoe

Celebration: Everyone huddles up, puts their hands in the middle and......"Bullpen sucks on 3. 1-2-3 BULLPEN SUCKS!"


Cantu come out of the gates doing great, now he is in a slump and you want to throw him under the bus, you better look at the big picture, when your players are doing well you are all over it , but when not, just dump them, everyone is human even professional baseball players. Dont know if I agree with your BUSINESS TACTICS, but who am I but a fan for now.


Business tactics? Cantu has stunk the entire season, but April. Looking at the big picture would be forgetting about one measly month, and realizing he is killing this team.

Start paying attention.


Cantu has been a real pro since coming to the Marlins, but it is time to move on.

I know it is only two games, but Morrison looks like a real gamer and was impressed with his approach against the left hander yesterday. If he can become an adequate left fielder, I would hope that Coughlin could play third base in the winter league and be pegged in to start there next year

Marlin's Rot

You want some of his power? Ask him for some of his steriods. No way a Rule 5 guy is doing this without illegal help

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