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Chris Coghlan Out With Left Knee Injury; Beinfest Talks

   SAN FRANCISCO -- Left fielder and leadoff hitter Chris Coghlan is not in the lineup for tonight's game against the Giants due to a left knee injury, the details of which are fuzzy. Coghlan was being examined by a doctor, so details should become available later.

  Coghlan was hit by a pitch near his right knee on Saturday but remained in the game and also played Sunday. Manager Edwin Rodriguez said he did not have more specific details. President of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said he received a phone call Monday morning from team trainer Sean Cunningham advising him of the injury. Emilio Bonifacio started in place of Coghlan on Monday.

   Stay tuned for details.

   TRADE DEADLINE.....Jorge Cantu continues to be linked in trade rumors with the Rangers, and the teams have gone back and forth on names. But no deal is imminent, and I'm hearing that the Rockies have kicked up their interest level. The Giants have also expressed interest in Cantu.

    We spoke a moment ago with Beinfest, who told us this:

    "We've played well. Actually we've played better. So that's a good sign. But you have to look at the standings and be realistic. There's quite a few teams that are ahead of us in the wild card chase. We made a little bit of ground on the Braves, but they're still quite in the distance with the Mets and Phillies ahead of us. Are we going to force anything at this point? I wouldn't say so. Are we driven by the need to move money? That's a no. So whatever we do, it's not because we need to get the payroll in line or for some other reason. But there may be some things we may want to do now. We're going to open a new ballpark in 18 months and I think everything we do now is very important to opening that building. We want to be very competitive when we move in there. So we want to be careful with everything we do, and also there may be moves now that bear fruit when we get there, in 2011 and on to '12. That's kind of where we are. It's an interesting spot, but we are still coming from behind. We have to recognize that.

    Asked if he thought it would be sending a message to fans that the Marlins would be throwing in the town on this season if they traded away a regular for a prospect instead of major league help, Beinfest replied:

    "Not necessarily. Not if we think that the people that are coming up to replace or we got back in that trade are going to help us, possibly be better the remainder of this year and on into the future. So I wouldn't say that would necessarily say that would be a sign. If we think we have personnel who aren't here right now who can help make us better, then I think people should look at it that way."

    (Beinfest didn't address this, but the thinking within the organization is that if Cantu is traded, they would ultimately move Coghlan in to third base and call up Logan Morrison from the minors to play left).

    "We've been on the phone. There's some stuff out there. There's some people that want some of our people."

   Asked if it was safe to say that the Marlins might just stay the course and not do anything before  Saturday's deadline, Beinfest responded:

 "That's a possibility. Because there's no financially driven area here, you can stay as is. So that is an option."