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Chris Volstad Demoted to Minors after "Rough Start"

   LOS ANGELES -- A long night for the Marlins. An even longer one for Chris Volstad, who was informed after Tuesday's 7-3 loss to the Dodgers that he was being sent to Triple A New Orleans. It's not Volstad's first emotion to NOLA. He was sent there last August, too.

   Volstad's major league career has not gone well since a promising rookie season in 2008 when he finished 6-4 to go with a nifty 2.88 ERA. Since then, he is 13-21, by far the worst record of any member of the current rotation who was with the team in '09.

    "It's tough because I want to be here," Volstad said after his record fell to 4-8 with Tuesday's loss. "I think I deserve to be here. Obviously there's stuff I need to work on. I need to go down there with a positive attitude and try to get back here as fast as I can."

For starters, Volstad needs to prove that he can win. He's recorded only one win since May 7. Beyond that, there are other issues, including his inability to hold runners. The Dodgers stole three bases off him on Tuesday.

"If you don't hold the runners, that's going to become a problem," said manager Edwin Rodriguez, who described Volstad's outing Tuesday as "rough."

The Marlins called up right-hander Burke Badenhop to replace Volstad on the roster, but are leaning toward having rookie Alejandro Sanabia take his place in the rotation. If Sanabia is indeed the fifth starter, he'll pitch Sunday in Arizona.

  Sanabia took over in relief of Volstad on Tuesday and turned in three good innings, allowing a home run to Andre Ethier but not much else. He struck out four.

  "There's stuff I need to do better, so I've got to go down there and fix some things," Volstad said.



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The demotion train keeps on going

Finally! This guy is a bum and will never amount to anything at the Major League level. Keep him in AAA!

Since this team is goig nowhere, it is time to call up Sean West. Trade Nate Robertsen, or move him into the bullpen.

Trade Cantu, Ross, and Uggla, and hopefully our "GREAT" front office will get a utility player or two in return. LoL


Looking forward to seeing Sanabia getting his first start on Sunday, although I thought it would be in place of Robertson.

That said, the kid has a reputation for throwing strikes and in his relief appearances since being called up hasn't done anything to dispell it.


speaking of starting pitching, I am a bit miffed why the Marlins brass didn't set up their pitching rotation better leading to the all star break.

Josh Johnson should be pitching every fifth day, regardless of who gets bumped. Recently following on off day, the marlins kept their 5 pitcher rotation and Johnson pitched on the sixth day.

I know it would be a great honor for JJ to start the all star game, but I would have been happier had he pitched Tuesday rather than Wednesday, giving him a final start on Sunday.

I hope the Marlins consider using him for a couple of innings Saturday or Sunday if necessary.


Volstad has only 1 win since May 7 mainly because he has terrible run support and the bullpen blows his leads. He has 9 quality starts and lost 4 of them. In his 8 losses the team has scored only 8 runs for him while hes been on the mound. He'll be fine


I also think that it's time to give Sean West a shot!


I am looking forward to seeing West back in the rotation. Robertson seems to be OK coming out of the bullpen and is particularly effective the first time through the lineup.

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