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Larry Beinfest on Marlins: "Frustrated. Disappointed."

   It was clear from listening to Larry Beinfest that he and the rest of the front office are not happy with the team's performance and roster changes could very likely occur before the July 31 trade deadline. He said there have already been talks within the organization about what direction to take, but didn't go into specifics.

   Here are a few of the highlights:

   -- “Will we be active? Yes, always and it’s already starting. The chatter has picked up in the last week. Teams now have a pretty good idea of who they are and what they’re going to be heading into the break. I would have liked to have seen a run here on this road (trip) but were just kind of.. not giving us a sustained streak."

  --  "I don't think we're going to force anything. Now we're 18 months away from the new building (ballpark), so we have to keep an eye on that as well. We want to get our core, our base that we think is gonna head into the building and start to look forward."

   -- “We’re not writing of the season. You can get hot, things can happen — the old Colorado Rockies thing. It’s just been frustrating because we haven’t seen that coming yet and it’s hard to foresee it at this point.”

   Beinfest noted that if the Marlins traded any of their players, it would not be a salary dump. (Keep in mind, the Marlins signed an "agreement" with MLB and the union over the winter to maintain player payroll at a reasonable level).


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Mr Beinfest meet reality..reality meet Mr. Beinfest.

Kyle Jones

Thought Loria had all the problems solved when he fired Gonzalez. The Yankees benefited from his brilliant move and now the Braves will probably do the same. It is a true disgrace the way the team is handled. Next will be some trades so he can pocket more money. The Florida team is a training ground for other clubs. Look around at the good players on other teams that are former Marlins. Loria, if you want to look at the real problem with the team...look in the mirror.

Stan M

The front office kissed off this year when they told us that our 2nd puppet manager in a row would be here for the entire year. OUCH! This team's star is supposed to be Hanley...with major emphasis on the word "supposed". He would bring a king's ransom on the open market and I'd prefer such royalty to his attitude and lack of major league range at SS. Unfortunately, this is a time when change for the sake of change is necessary. Loria/Samson think the new park will be a bonanza. Well, is fan apathy gets much worse, they might have a rude awakening after the first year of novelty wears off.


This Moron says this every year truth be told his Cheap owner will offer teams peanuts and get nothing , he is a cheap idiot and nothing like, Arison,Ross. Who care when does football season start ?


When does Beinfest get the ax?? His comments are a joke.


We need to first get rid of the players then maybe the owner will sell the team. The front office is a DISGRACE...
Hanley to the Reds,for PROSPECTS...
Cantu to the White Sox, 3b and DH for PROSPECTS...
Ross to Atlanta for PROSPECTS...
Nunez to Colorado for PROSPECTS...
Then you can move the franchise and rename it.
Seriously until this management team,including owner leaves, we will always be a third place team......


honestly, we have to look at this team....they are preaching defense, but we are not built on defense. move hanley to CF...bel to SS, trade Ross and Cantu...you then have Uggla as your 4 hole and Stanton. You then would have a defensive team...

Honestly Awesome

It sickens me to hear these words. How the hell do they expect to contend when they do nothing to improve the roster. No wonder nobody follows the Marlins. I hope they look around them and see the Dolphins making moves, the Heat making moves, and I hope they notice that they are getting left behind. Nobody will care about baseball once the NFL and NBA gets going. Its a matter of time before the Marlins get dismantled yet again.


Hanley, Stanton, Josh, Gaby we have a good young nucleus but as usual I'm worried that this is NOT about improving this team but about dumping salary again. Clue one, firing Freddi. NOW is the time to start spending money and putting together a team to move into the new stadium. Let's see what happens but with Loria's history I'm not optimistic. SPEND THE MONEY and beef up the pitching!!!


Lmao. Nobody likes Beinfest. He fired a manager because his team was "underachieving". Bit with such a low payroll weren't we overachieving? Get this guy out of here. He is the reason South Florida is not a baseball town

Luis Espana

We, the fans, are really frustrated and dissapointed to have you in the Marlins' management Mr. Beinfest. What else do you expect with the investment you've made in this team...?, but it is not only that, with your lack of management you have these good players frustated and dissapointed as well. If you like some management and leadership classes, let me know and I will be more than happy to teach you, just for the well of our beisbol team.

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