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Marlins Cry Foul on Giant Pitcher's Orange Spikes; League Fines Wilson

  SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants closer Brian Wilson was fined $1,000 by Major League Baseball for wearing bright orange spikes on Tuesday during his outing against the Marlins. The Nike shoes, which were given to Wilson at the All-Star Game, do not conform with league rules.

   Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez complained about the shoes to umpires on Tuesday when Wilson took the mound, but no action was taken.

   On Wednesday, Wilson sat at his locker darkening in sections of the spikes with a black felt marker.

    "I think there's probably more important things you should worry about while managing a game," Wilson said. "They're just cleats. But, appraently, they have magical powers. I guess when you put the shoes on, you just automatically get 97 to 100 (mph) with cut on both sides of the plate, and then the ball disappears."

    Rodriguez said he thought the shoes could be distracting to Marlins hitters.

    "I guess our orange jerseys aren't distracting?" Wilson asked. "I think there are a lot of variables in baseball to worry about and you should start with your own team."

   Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson said he received a pair of all-teal Nikes during All-Star but does not plan on wearing them.

   "I thought they were uncomfortable," he said.


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Wilson has got to be the biggest schmuck in the league.. Arrogant putz...I can bet that terd Bruce Bochy would have argued about g@y cleats like those if they were on the marlins closer... I'm glad he blew the save tonight... I'm glad that will shut him up


Marlins relievers are stupid... They fool a hitter with a pitch and throw the same dam pitch 3 more times until the batter slams it


Same thing a new day... And the beat goes on!!!!!!! Offense does good and your bullpen stinks up the joint

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