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Mike Stanton, Meet Dave Winfield

    Mike Stanton is frequently compared to a young Dave Winfield.

On Tuesday, the rookie and Hall of Famer met for the first time, shaking hands at Dodger Stadium as the Marlins took batting practice.

“I have local friends who know him really well, and they told me a couple of years ago, ‘Man, Mike reminds me so much of you,” said Winfield, who lives in the Los Angeles area and works as an ESPN analyst. “So I watched him. I watched him perform in the minor leagues, followed him closely when he came up. So he’s one of those guys I kind of pull for. He’s a game-changer kind of a guy. He’s a presence, a big presence.”

Winfield was a multi-sports star before choosing baseball. He said he’s glad that Stanton chose baseball over football.

“Here’s a kid who could have played another spot, but I’m glad he didn’t,” Winfield said. “Baseball needs guys like this. I don’t want to hear he looks like a football player. No, he looks like a baseball player, a big, strong, good baseball player.”


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Other than similar physical attributes, I suspect that Stanton will always be more of a free swinger than Winfield, who despite hitting 465 homers, never hit 40 in a season. Winfield hit a career .283 and only struck out 100 times in a season 3 times.

With some experience I can see Stanton hitting 40+ homers a year. To reach anything close to .283, he'll need to cut down on the strikeouts.


Why can't Stanton have a good batting average and also strike out 100+ times? Players bat over .300 and have 100 K's all the time.

Hanley Ramirez has struckout over 100 times in 3 of his previous 4 years (95 in the other) and hit over .300 in all but one of those years (.292 in the other).

So again, why can't he strikeout a lot and also have a good batting average?????


I would be happy if Stanton could go a full season with only 100-120Ks. What concerns me is that he could whiff 150-200 times.


He can have alot of strikeouts and hit 300, it's just very unlikely. Players with alot of strikeouts swing freely at bad pitches. If you swing at bad pitches it's hard to hit 300.

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