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Report: Cantu, Ross on the Trading Block

    Ken Rosenthal at FoxSports is reporting (see his story here), that based on information gathered from major league sources, that the Marlins are dangling Jorge Cantu and Cody Ross but are holding off on Dan Uggla and Ricky Nolasco -- at least for the moment.

    There are no surprises in this group. Cantu is eligible for free agency after the season while Ross (and Uggla) will be entering their third year of arbitration eligiblity. If it's the Marlins' intention to go with an outfield in 2011 of Mike Stanton, Cameron Maybin and Logan Morrison (don't be surprised if he's called up soon) and Chris Coghlan moving back to the infield, then Ross figures to get traded. He wouldn't be hard to deal. He plays all three outfield positions competently and, perhaps most importantly, won't cost an arm and a leg for the team that gets him. I spoke to a major league scout last week about Ross, Cantu and Uggla. Here's what he had to say about Ross:

    "Cody Ross is a guy that every person says, 'Boy, I'd love to him as my fourth outfielder.' He's got that fourth outfielder label and I guarantee you, people are looking him, either as a fourth outfielder off the bench or in a platoon with a lefty. I think you'd get second-tier prospects, not front-line guys, for Ross. But he's marketable."

    The scout is more taken with Cantu:

    "Cantu, I'd be inclined to put him at first base if I were another club and just let him hit. Out of the three of them (Ross, Uggla), the one I'd like to have is Cantu because now that they're peeing in that little cup, it's hard to find guys that can hit consistently and with power. He's got value in the American League, too. I think he's a prime DH. You don't have to worry about hiding him defensively like you do with Uggla. You can put him at first -- not a good third, but he can play it."

   Here's the scout's viewpoint on Uggla:

    "Uggla, he's going to get paid because of those offensive numbers, but the defense is so bad. But with Uggla, I'd think you'd get a player in return that's closer to the top tier.  Here's the thing: you're one injury away from all three of those guys going up in value. That's why teams why so long to make deals. With injuries (to other teams), those guys go up exponentially in value. LIke the Padres. If  (David) Eckstein goes down, Uggla's value goes up for the Padres."