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Should Emilio Bonifacio Start?

       You might say this has been perhaps Emilio Bonifacio's finest week as a Marlin since his very first week with the club when, for a fleeting moment, he made the Josh Willingham/Scott Olsen salary-dumper with Washington look like a winner. That was last year and it's been a long time since for Bonifacio.

        But, out of nowhere, Bonifacio has re-emerged, and in a big way.Bonifacio

        On Sunday, he started in place of injured left fielder Chris Coghlan and came up with a leadoff double that led to the Marlins' only run in their 1-0 victory over the Nationals.

        On Monday, Bonifacio went 2 for 5 and drove in the Marlins' first runs in their wild 9-8 victory over the Rockies.

        On Tuesday, his first-inning single was one of only three Marlins hits in their 10-0 loss.

        On Thursday, having returned to the bench, it was his pinch-hit leadoff triple in the ninth that set up the Marlins' 3-2 walkoff win -- their second in four days -- over the Rockies.

        In addition to missing a few games recently with a back injury, Coghlan has been in a rut at the plate. He is 2 for his last 20 and is hitting .160 for the month with 1 RBI.

        Easy question here, ladies and gents: Should Bonifacio start in place of Coghlan?


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I wouldn't say he can take Cogs' job not even close. He is however filling his role as a super utility guy very well as of late. He may have earned a few more starts but if you put him in every day I'm sure you will see more of the same 'ol boni.


He should hold a summit much like the big three with Castillo and Pierre to better his all around approach at the plate. Maybe he can start everyday.


This will never happen but he should start over Cogs once a week (maybe 3 times in 2 weeks) and also fill in for Stanton and Ross once every two weeks which gets him 4-5 starts in ~13 games. If he gets a spot start at 2B for Uggla from time to time he ends up getting about 10 starts a month and the other guys get some rest!


NO! Lucky week. Boner is not a good all-around player. He is fast but he is stupid and not really powerful. He is a decent replacement but he will be a career AAA player.


No-way, No-how. But I fear that Edwin likes Boni a little too much from their AAA time. Boni is excelling right where he should be - as a supersub...a guy to spell the starters when they are injured or need rest and also comes in to pinch hit/pinch run when we need speed.

starting Bonifacio everyday will just lead to all of us losing our hair again as we watch him flail at breaking balls in the dirt. keep him in his role b/c that's where he can help this team


His approach at the plate has been a little better, but he still swings at confoundingly bad pitches. The good part, at least, is that lately he's been hitting those pitches well.

I like Bonifacio a lot, though. He pretty much won us a few games last year without really being the main reason why we lost any of them. Same this year: he's winning us games. He may deserve to spot start for some players in stretches. Coghlan might need a bit of a spell to see if he can break out of his rut.

NWFL fan

He's just fine as the new 'Amazin' Amerizga" That's all-not an everyday player.


Boni is best in small doses...


i never comment but i had to, to just sayyyy.... that no way no how should boni start in place of cogz. this is why: .249/.300/.313 yup thats his triple slash line. he has an obp of 300!!!! hes only a utility player


Bonifacio shouldn't start on my softball team, much less with the Marlins. He is an out dressed as a baseball player.


Bonifacio is the prototypical Marlins minimum salary player who can only surprise when he performs well because so little is expected of him. Until we fill out the bench and bullpen with more than AAA players this team is going nowhere. We are so mediocre that Bonifacio's 15 minutes in the limelight becomes a day's blogging for writers who have nothing better to write about than a bench jockey who has a little hot streak. Another wasted season for a team with big hearts and a handful of major leaguers.


I agree that he has been very energized coming off the bench. I think he gets more playing time as a fill in, and pinch runner. I love his enjoyment of the game.
I do believe if he played all the time that he would not be as effective.
Cogs is way too good to be replaced by him. we do need a lead off man cause I believe Cogs should bat #2, then Gaby #3--So I pose the question of who should be #1- My guess is it's someone in the minors or someone we get in a trade very soon.


If Cantu gets traded, then he should be our 3rd baseman. Think of the lineup.


Wow, speed and power, now if we can only get the prima donna El Nino to start playing to his potential.....................


Why would Hanley be beating 5th EL?


Simple answer NO

Marlin Fan

Bench CC for Bonifacio?

Surely you jest.

Yeah, let's do that.

While we are at it, bring back Lamb and Maybin and bench Hanley and Sanchez.

Also, bring back Pinto, make him a starter, and tell JJ to have a seat.

Then we can really suck.

Seriously, did you watch Bonafacio and Coghlan play at all last year?

C'mon there has to be something more worthy of discussion.


Not sure which is worse.....the guy who posed the question of whether or not Bonifacio should start, or the guy who thinks a batting champion should bat 5th.

Some great baseball minds are at work in this blog.

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