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Should the Marlins trade Jorge Cantu?

The Texas Rangers are reportedly intensifying their efforts to get Jorge Cantu from the Marlins. Although names haven't been exchanged yet, word is the Marlins are strongly considering it. 

Jorge Cantu Cantu has 10 home runs and 54 RBI on the season, but just five homers and 29 RBI since April. He is 1-for-11 in his past three games and his average has slipped to .260. He has not homered since June 23, a stretch of 25 games. Saturday, he made two costly errors in the Braves' eight-run eighth inning. After the game, Cantu sat by his locker in full uniform while most of his teammates were showering. He waved off reporters.

The Rangers have been looking for a reliable right-handed hitter to help out at designated hitter and first base. Several reports Sunday had the AL West leaders looking hard at the Orioles Ty Wigginton (they sent three scouts to watch him on Friday) and Cantu despite his recent troubles at the plate and in the field.

"I don't think I'll be traded," Cantu told the Palm Beach Post Sunday. "Not the way I'm swinging the bat."

Cantu, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, is owed about $2.5 million for the remainder of 2010. Wigginton is a little cheaper than Cantu (and that matters to the cash-strapped Rangers) and he's got 16 homers and a .249 average. 

The Marlins are in a bit of limbo about whether or not to trade Cantu, especially after the team went 7-3 in the recent homestand to get back to .500 and in the wild card race. Even if the Rangers don't end up offering anything for Cantu, the Rockies, Angels and Giants could. 

The question is: Should the Marlins just listen or be aggressive and ship Cantu off?

If Cantu is shipped off, Chris Coghlan will likely move to third and Logan Morrison, who is hitting .306 with 6 homers and 44 RBI for Triple A New Orleans, would replace Coghlan in left field. Coghlan played third base at Ole Miss, but has been coming into his own in the outfield. Morrison, who came up as a first baseman, has only been playing in the outfield (on and off) for the past month and a half. But another left-handed bat sure would be a plus for the Fish. Coghlan by the way hasn't taken grounders since the first week of spring training. 


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yes, trade him.

Cantu has been a fine addition the Marlins but he shouldnt be in their long term plans. I see Coughlin back in the infield somewhere, and Morrison given a shot at left field, where we desperately need some left handed pop.

Hope they can pick up some young left handed prospects for Cantu. Either hitters or pitchers


i think we would be lucky to get anything in return for cantu the way he's been hitting since may. i don't think it should have anything to do with us being "sellers", because he's just been bad, and coghlan at third and morrison in left just might turn out to be more valuable this year, not to mention next year and the first year in the stadium


trade him for 2 or 3 bullpen pitchers!!!
then get rid of tankersly and badenhop...im over it!


Yes but only if it will bring immediate help to bullpen. Leave Cogz where he is since he's turned into a very good left fielder. Also I would factor whether or not Luna who has 70 RBI or Morrison are ready for the show.


Not that it wasn't obvious but this last week should have been more than enough for Beinfest to realize that this team could be well over .500 if not for that bullpen. We should be able to win without Cantu if Wes is able to get more starts. I don't if his age will allow him to.


I wonder what exactly the Marlins are looking for in this trade , are they just looking to dump salary and get random B & C level prospects or are they going to trade him for some bullpen help .

If they're looking to make a run at the DIV or the wild card, Bullpen help would really help this team out. ( and maybe Hanley playing like Hanley again )


Great Cantu can do but see u latter. Need bullpen help, this is the ONLY way to get it, PERIOD..
Alexi Ogando & Pedro Strop , RP, with some other prospect. These guys can throw. Just make it happen, get some bullpen help, NOW


How bought a straight up trade for Frank Franciso, they need a First baseman we need a releiver.


cantu hits pretty good once a blue moon he does bring hope to many ppl but we need someone better wheres the world championship team from the year 2003!!!! WERES DAT TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s: dont move coughlan hes great in left field movin him will destroy everything


Cantu needs to get traded, he is a liability at third making pitchers work more. he used to be a clutch hittter, not anymore, it looks like he's lost confidence.


Okay, so, here I go. I really do love our Marlins...I seriously do. But here is my problem. Not being such a HUGE fan of baseball that I totaly understand what The Marlins should expect for a guy like Cantu, I have to trust the coaching. But THAT isn't even my main issue...See, I read where a lot of much more Baseball savy guys then me say "We need Bullpen help" Okay cool... Lets get bullpen help... but why is it ever time I see a good/great pitcher in Miami (I.E. we got Bullpen help) I look up in a year or so and he is playing for the Spankees, Red Sucks or Cubs???
Should I just wait for the team to be named "Miami Marlins" the way they should have from the get go and get the new stadium open and see if it gets any better THEN? I need to understand... Really... I need a way to "Get It"... Because I WANT to be a hard core fan of this team and it is a really tough road.


well unless the marlins get two quality relievers in return, then I would not get rid of cantu, this team desperately needs quality arms in the bullpen, and the trend of trading someone for a few minor leaguers is getting old, this team needs a bullpen


Well, as a team the Marlins have blown 19 saves this season. So... yes, trade Cantu for some bullpen help. Just make sure you don't get f*cked they way you did with the Cabrera/Hammer & Olsen trades...


noooooooooooooooooooooo dont put coughlin at 3rd thats retrded


I think they should not trade Cantu but if they do, they should send Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin with him, because in the case of Andrew Miller, they obviously don't want to bring him up in relief or starting, so let him go where they will actually work to help him not just keep him in the minor leagues forever. That being said Maybin has been injured but he also could be traded because they seem to have too many guys in the outfield. PLEASE SEND ANDREW MILLER AND MAYBIN BACK TO THE TIGERS. You will get a nice deal.

Ashlynne B.

NO, DONT TRADE HIM!!!.... There are so many narrow minded ppl out there!!! It's not what have you done, but what have you done for me lately attitude... Cantu has great SKILLS, just in a funk.. Where do you think the fish would be now had he not done what he did at the beginning of the season??? Certainly the bullpen needs help, but trading Cantu is not the answer!!!

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