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Coghlan, Baker injury updates and is that Ray Finkle?

Manager Edwin Rodriguez said Tuesday the Marlins should have a better idea after tonight's game when Chris Coghlan will be able to begin taking ground balls and participate in batting practice, a sign the injured former Rookie of the Year is closer to putting off knee surgery until after the season.

Coghlan, who tore the meniscus in his left knee celebrating a Marlins walk-off win July 25, will see a doctor Tuesday night according to Rodriguez who will inform him when he begin intense workouts. Assuming there isn't a setback, Coghlan will be sent to the minors for rehab work, not only for his swing, but to work out at third base. That's the position where the Marlins have him targeted. Rodriguez said Coghlan could become average defensively at third. His weakness: side-to-side range.

"I think the treatments have been going well so far," Rodriguez said. "... I think we're going to try to start some rehab on the field. [After] tonight, we'll have a better idea of when and how intensive that training will be. Surgery is still an option."

> Marlins catcher John Baker, on the 60-day disabled list with a strained right flexor muscle near his elbow, said Tuesday his throwing program is going much better than the last time he tried to return and he's hoping to rejoin to the team -- at the latest -- before the Mets series at CitiField Aug. 24-26.

Baker said he threw for the fifth consecutive day Tuesday, a 10-minute session which featured 70 tosses from about 75 feet. "This week is big is because if I get over 120 feet by the end of the week, if that goes well, hopefully I'll start a rehab assignment next week and be back real soon," Baker said. "They'll probably say later, but two weeks is probably the fastest I could do it."

Baker, who hasn't played since May 12, said he's remained in shape and has continued to swing the bat regularly. "It's all about timing," Baker said. "It's about facing live pitching and the stresses of running out on the field. Once I get that over with, I can come back."

> LUNA GETS FIRST START: Sean West won't be the only Marlin making his first start in the big leagues this season. Hector Luna, called up Friday from New Orleans, is at third base and will bat eighth. Luna hit .294 with 16 home runs and 71 RBI in 97 games at Triple A New Orleans.

With the departure of Jorge Cantu, manager Edwin Rodriguez said Wes Helms is the starting third baseman but Luna would see time at third and first base once or twice a week. Luna hasn't had a big league at-bat since he singled in his only at-bat for the Blue Jays on May 17, 2008.

“He’s a guy like Donnie Murphy,” Rodriguez said. “We have to keep those guys sharp so when they come off the bench they can make some contributions.”

> IS THAT RAY FINKLE?: Newly acquired left-handed specialist Will Ohman, acquired from the Orioles when the Marlins were in San Diego over the weekend, began moving into his new locker at Sun Life Stadium Tuesday. At least we thought it was Ohman. 

The 33-year old quirky veteran greeted the media wearing an aqua colored t-shirt with the number five and the last name Finkle spelled across the back, an ode to the fictional character in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective starring Jim Carrey. "I thought it was it finally appropriate to break it out," Ohman said. "Dolphins colors. Why not?"

Among the goodies Ohman was stuffing into his locker: An action figure of The Dude from The Big Lebowski, "complete with rug," as Ohman pointed out. "He lost his shades in one of the moves," said Ohman, who has pitched for the Cubs, Braves, Dodgers and Orioles since 2007. "I can bring some levity."


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Where is ALfredo Amezega playing these days- if at all?


Alfredo is with the Los Angeles dodgers... At AA-Chatanooga!!!
We really need Alfredo right now... Instead of Bryan Petersen please!!!


It's a shame that loria has done this to baseball in this town.. They have talent just not enough and management is unwilling to do what's necessary to complete a contending team and make the fans happy with a solid product..wil ohman was nice but beinfest is just doing that to make it look to the fans like he's being active.. Come on it's a waste.. Like Nick Johnson.. He will be gone at seasons end... Loria got lucky with the world series.. Mckeon and the team did something unimaginable... And now he thinks he can make chicken salad out of chicken $h!t. It's sad.. That ballpark will be outshadowed by the canes, phins, and heat as they all continue to contend and grow and the marlins continue to dwarf things out...


And how many of the fans do you think, the 10 to 15 thousand that show up for games. Or the 2 to 3 thousand additional fans that would show up with a big move. Fan didn't start coming in large numbers in 2003 until September. So why should the owner do anything for these bandwagon fans.


I'm not gonna argue with you about the fans... You either choose to out a winning product or u don't... If your gonna invest in a team then you should know it's fan bases.. Common sense... Problem is you have a lot of fans here that are fans of other teams.. Before 97 Florida use to get 18-25 thousand in the stands though that isn't great that would be around middle of the pack... Problem is the marlins have traded so many good players away because they don't want to pay them.. Most of those players today are scattered all over the league doing great things... Fans have seen that go on for two long... No consistency in managers... Poor trades that'd usually fail... And no loyalty to anyone.. That's why nobody wants to go to the games I go every Now and then.. It's all about the product you put on the field... If you added some talented players in free agency or were even being discussed as being a player in getting players... Fans would have things to talk about and enjoy... The fans showed up in 03 because they signed pudge... Picked up
Some veterans midway through
To boost the team and got Irvin.. The team was active and fun to watch... Enough said


I meant got urbina... I mean if a owner is not caring about the fans then that's why they don't show up.. Loria is a dousch... Look at the angels owner.. Before he got their the team had krappy attendance and a sorry team.. He takes over and has built a solid tradition..kept his manager for a long time good season or not.. Hell the guy dropped the price of beer and hot dogs to the lowest in the league... That's a guy that is a "fan" and cares and that's why he is banking on his investment and the organization is respected... Nobody in the majors respects the marlins.. Just look at what they did when they were involved in the manny ramirez trade talks last year... The marlins front office is like a guy going into a high stakes poker match and asking to play
On "I owe you's" it has become a joke

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