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CSI Pittsburgh: Chad Tracy case

PITTSBURGH -- Will Ohman promised he would bring some levity to the Marlins clubhouse during these dog-days of August. It looks like he's delivered.

Chad Tracy Wednesday, the Marlins reliever called his friends over at the Crime Scene Investigation unit to look into the tragic fall of newly acquired infielder Chad Tracy, who hit the deck Tuesday night in the Marlins dugout to avoid a hard ground ball off the bat of the Pirates' Neil Walker.

Ohman's CSI unit (we believe that is Marlins trainer Mike Kozak) left behind a tape outline of where Tracy took a dive, much to the delight of teammates and manager Edwin Rodriguez. 

"That's funny stuff right there," Rodriguez told reporters upon entering the crime scene before Wednesday night's game.

Tracy, signed off waivers from the Cubs on August 5th and in the Marlins starting lineup for only the second time, didn't appreciate the joke. 

"You guys think that's funny?," he said to a collection of dorky reporters following him upon arrival in the dugout. "That's not funny."

Tracy claimed the only reason he fell on his back was because he had his legs crossed and didn't have enough time to react to the hard hit ball that caromed around in the Marlins dugout.

"I was on the bench looking the other way when I heard Sean West yelp," catcher Brett Hayes said. "It smoked him right on the butt. I look up and I see Tracy on the ground on his face. I'm like what the heck happened?"

West said the ball left a bruise on his rear end and also hit Donnie Murphy in the ribs.