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Is Dan Uggla a MVP Candidate?

Dan Uggla is having him some kind of year. He's on pace to score 112 runs, hit 39 home runs and drive in 104, which are stout numbers. Toss in a .283 batting average, which would represent a career high if he can hold it until the end, and you're looking at a career year for the Marlins' human fire hydrant.

But are the numbers good enough to propel him into MVP conversations? I'd say they're good enough to at least warrant a look by MVP voters. Cincinnati's Joey Votto is a sure-fire candidate, what with the highest OPS (1.018) in the NL. The Cardinals' Albert Pujols is looming as always. Colorado's Carlos Gonzalez would have to be considered. And in this year of the pitcher, you can't leave out the Rockies' Ubaldo Jiminez, Phillies' Roy Halladay and Cardinals' Adam Wainwright. And players on playoff teams will rate an extra edge in the voting.

Uggla leads all NL middle infielders in OPS and home runs. Interestingly, despite a subpar year by his standards, Hanley Ramirez still has the highest OPS among NL shortstops.,

If you ask around the Marlins, Uggla has been the MVP of the team so far this season -- hands down.

"For us, he's the MVP of our team," said Marlins ace Josh Johnson. "He's been outstanding since Day 1. From month to month, he's been getting better. He's been fun to watch. A lot of fun."

COGHLAN HAS SURGERY....Chris Coghlan underwent successful surgery on Wednesday in South Florida to repair the torn meniscus in his left knee. According to the Marlins, Coghlan can begin rehab immediately.

"Hopefully he can come back," said Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez. "But we're not counting on that."


Marlins: 1. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 2. Logan Morrison, lf; 3. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 4. Dan Uggla, 2b; 5. Cody Ross, cf; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. Donnie Murphy, 3b; 8. Ronny Paulino, c; 9. Chris Volstad, p.

Nationals: 1. Roger Bernadina, cf; 2. Ian Desmond, ss; 3. Adam Dunn, 1b; 4. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 5. Michael Morse, rf; 6. Adam Kennedy, 2b; 7. Ivan Rodriguez, c; 8. Willie Harris, lf; 9. Scott Olsen, p.

Umpires: HP -- Alan Porter; 1B -- Mike Winters; 2B - Hunter Wendlestedt; 3B -- Jerry Layne


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Stan M

It's good to see the manager express a personal viewpoint that could affect public opinion regarding a contract for Uggla. I am also impressed by his changing the framework of the bench through promotion of some farmhands. I greatly admire Wes Helms and try to suggest his elevation to team captain every time I write. However, his long term value is not as an everyday 3rd baseman. I hope that the mgr. gives that 27 YO Murphy kid that post for the remainder of the year. He's the age that all of the stat heads claim is the breakout period. Suppose Coghlan doesn't recover properly? Management isn't broadcasting that the injury was more serious than anticipated and cutting rather than patching was necessary. Ouch! One final point about our manager. He's been solid in many things in my opinion; Hanley no longer loafs out of the box, he seems to utilize the talent that management has given him for a bullpen much ,more reasonably than his predesessor, and he hasn't been afraid to make substantial lineup changes. But why blame his closer for pitch selection when he could have changed that himself. There are even managers who call pitches themselves from the dugout. This is one obvious problem that festered too long before being addressed.


Stan a Meniscus tear while painful and can keep a player out, is about the least serious injury one can sustain to a knee. Most of the time if it cannot be repaired it is just removed without any longterm detriment to the players ability to perform. I think the only question is if he makes it back this season which I think would be stupid to rush, let him heal fully and be ready for next season.

Stan M

What about my Helms-Murphy suggestion?

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