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Marlins sign veteran infielder Chad Tracy

Hey fans,

Andre Fernandez filling in for Manny and Clark today. Here's some news on a move the Marlins made today:

   The Marlins signed free agent infielder Chad Tracy Thursday in
the hopes of adding depth at the third base position.

   Tracy, 30, was recently with the New York Yankees' Triple-A
affiliate, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, before being released last
week. Tracy began the season with the Cubs, and hit .250 in 28
games before being sent down to the minors. At Scranton, Tracy
hit .324 with six home runs and 18 RBI in 68 plate appearances.

   Tracy, a left-handed batter, spent six seasons with the
Diamondbacks and is a career .279 hitter.

   "I was sitting at home [in Charlotte] when the Marlins
called,'' Tracy said. "I didn't have any idea they'd call.
There's always possibilities all over the place and different

   Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said before Thursday's game
that Tracy will be used primarily off the bench, and should get
some playing time at third base.

   "This year, [while managing in the minors], I saw him when we
played the Cubs Triple-A team in Iowa,'' Marlins manager Edwin
Rodriguez said. "In that series, he had eight or nine hits. He's
a very good hitter. A good defender, playable at first or

   The move came a day after the Marlins optioned outfielder
Bryan Petersen and catcher Brad Davis to Triple-A New Orleans,
and activated catcher Brett Hayes from the disabled list.

   Tracy said he'd gladly conform to any role the Marlins give

   "It's whatever I can do to help,'' Tracy said. "The reason I
left the Yankees was because I didn't want to play in minors
anymore. I'm happy to be back up.''


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Hanley Ramirez SUCKS!!!

Oh my God... Get these bums off of the Dolphins/Canes field already!!

Who cares about these losers.

The sad part is that our two football teams have to play on a freaking baseball diamond for the first month of the season.


Outplayed... Outsmarted.. Outcoached.... Ramirez flat out is one of the most overrated baseball players in the league that's all it adds up to.. Good power numbers to go along with a power attitude...lazy play at short... And a guy who has a bloated contract.... People always complain about guys like uggla and Ross..ramirez breaks your heart all the time with
His up and down shady play and all about me attitude.. Poor leo nunez... And before I make this comment I myself am Cuban but this Latino lackadaisical I don't care about anything attitude that particular Latinos have in this league is disgusting and is a disrespect to the game... Hanley... Manny...papi....yunel escobar.. There's a lot of them.. And when there personal numbers are great they taunt.. Talk smack... Point to the sky after every highlight that achieve and when there numbers are down they strut their stuff like they don't care because they have their money.. It hurts there teams and it's becoming an epidemic


Hell we have a Latino manager who doesn't know how to shut his mouth in Ozzie guillen.. He should be helping his Latino players out by showing them how to be apart of the league with class and dignity.. Instead he is showing them how to talk smack and not shut up... Look at a guy like chipper jones.. I personally hate te guy cause he is a marlin killer but the guy is a class act.. His numbers can be up or down he can be hot or in a slump but throughout his career he has always thought about each opportunity as individual ones to help his team win not help himself better his average... Guy has had a career of clutch plays and hits and other than fist pump or clap of a hand he doesn't point to the sky...walk the line on a homer...Or any of that other Taunting krap they do.. It's the new generation of baseball players


is it time to bring maybin up to see if he is CF of the future.....it's time to see if that young kid can be our future. What a future of OF with Morrison, Maybin and Stanton.


It amazes me what psseas for news. Then you get "legit media personnel" hating on bloggers and other internet sources for trying to be informative and original. Associated Press and whoever picked this story up should be embarrassed.

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