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Nolasco scratched from Sunday start with torn meniscus

Marlins starter Ricky Nolasco will be scratched from his scheduled start Sunday afternoon against the Houston Astros.

Nolasco suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee during conditioning Thursday in Pittsburgh. Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said that Nolasco will not be put on the disabled list and will be monitored over the next few days.

The Marlins already lost outfielder Chris Coghlan for the season due to a torn meniscus.

Nolasco, who was scheduled to face right-hander Nelson Figueroa in Sunday's series finale, was seen wearing a soft brace on his right knee while walking around the clubhouse before Saturday's game.

LHP Andrew Miller, who was recalled Wednesday from New Orleans, will start Sunday in his place.

Nolasco is 14-8 this season with a 4.22 ERA and just pitched six shutout innings in each of his last two starts against the Pirates (Aug. 17) and Nationals (Aug. 12). He is 9-2 in his past 11 starts, and has pitched 155 2/3 innings this season.


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I heard that it was not during conditioning that this incident occured. It was first reported that he tore his meniscus while putting on his shoe.


I guess that Colorado Rockies type run. I thought we were about to go on isn't looking so good now! This should be interesting to say the least. When Andrew throws today!


Hanley sucks!!!!!!!!


Trade Hanley "loser" Ramirez!!!!!!!

Barnum and Bailey

Paulino suspeneded for ped's, Coghlan tears meniscus throwing shaving creme pie, West hurts knee running poles, and now Nolasco tears his meniscus training?

How stupid are these douchebags?

This is bad news bears, "Major League" stuff here! LoL

Barnum and Bailey

Get these d-bags off of the Dolphins and Hurricanes field already!

Can't they just cancel September's games?


Pathetic... Let Ross go for nothing! This team is a joke and the managment and administration of this organization is the embarassment of the MLB...as a baseball guy and someone who always tried to defend the team and be a true fan i can now see why the marlins get no respect nationaly and why u don't see the marlins logo advertised anywhere and in commercials because the organization is a joke... Loria your a clown and so is that weasel samsnot that you have running this pathetic product u call a baseball team

Loria's Pet Monkey

Not even our usual single A pitcher fresh off of Tommy John? Come on Beinfest!

This is an all-time low for this team. How do you not get anything for Ross?

Ross is a proven, solid MLB player, who usually gives you 270, 20hrs, 80 rbi.

Maybe and I mean maybe they did this to free up some money for next season, so that we can at least field a AAA bullpen, instead of the horse manure we had this season.


Giving up Cody for nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Are you kidding me. Keep building your new stadium Marlins. It will be empty. How sad is this move.


No talk about the leaked info???
Ive said all along ,Loria is a cheap piece of crap!


Jeffery Loria is a cancer that I'm afraid the Marlins and us as fans will never be cured of!!!

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