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Sources: Giants Make Claim On Cody Ross

   The San Francisco Giants have won a claim for Cody Ross, according to two major league sources, but it remains to be seen whether the popular outfielder for the Marlins leaves or stays. It is believed that the Giants put in the claim purely to block the San Diego Padres, their NL West rivals, from doing so.

    The Marlins have until Monday to either work out a deal, award Ross and his remaining (about $1 million) to the Giants, or pull him back off waivers. Assuming the Giants have no interest in working out a trade for Ross, it's uncertain whether the Marlins would hold on to Ross, or cut ties with the outfielder in order to dump the rest of his salary and create playing time for Cameron Maybin.

 Ross was in the lineup on Friday and said he would love to play for a playoff contender.

"Anytime a team that is in contention to to go the playoffs wants you, there's something to be said about that," Ross said. "It's awesome. I've heard rumors, from the Giants to the Padres, to whoever. Obviously, that would be awesome because it's out west. It's where I live. I made it clear to these guys (the Marlins) I want to stay here."



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If Ross leaves, they damn well better get someone for center next year.

NWFL fan

Maybin has had two chances to win the centerfield job and failed both times. Maybe Maybin is just another one of E-Rod's "boys" from AAA that he wants to play. If they ship out Cody, they will then need a MAJOR league catcher, third baseman and a catcher.

NWFL fan

I mean center fielder.


Wo To Fo. Are these people crazy? Maybe Maybin? Maybe Not. He has had too amny chances already. Let him spend another year or two in the minor league zoo. Perhaps he will see how important it is to perform. If not, turn him loose. Ross already is performing very well. This is insanity.


I HATE THE OWNER! They wanted to trade Uggla earlier and now he's being mentioned in MVP talk! What a lousy owner! He's got his new stadium,but he still won't spend any money!
Did I say I HATE this MORON owner yet?

Tony Carles

The Marlins continue to bring up pitchers not ready for prime-time (West, Volstad, Miller, Tankersley), as well as position players such as Hayes, Davis, and Maybin who don't perform and wind up back in the Minors. This is no way to become a playoff-caliber team. Still, I am a fan, and a former season ticket holder and continue to wish them well. I watch all the televised games on Fox Sport Network.


by time...it was a mistake not to trade him before the trading deadline. He should of been gone when they dealt Cantu. It was a mirage to think the Marlin's were ever playoff contenders at the half way point. Ross is a great option coming off the bench and getting spot starts, he is nothing more than a development blocker.
Keep giving all those young prospects some game Major League experience....when is Kyle Skipworth being called up?

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