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Where Does That Marlins Meltdown Rank?


         ATLANTA --If you saw Sunday's disaster, you saw a classic.

         Marlins allow a 6-1 lead in the 8th implode into a 7-6 loss in the ninth, with lousy defense and even lousier relief work contributing to the collapse.

         Manager Edwin Rodriguez was troubled most by the leadoff walks -- there were three of them -- issued by three different relievers: Jose Veras, Will Ohman and Leo Nunez, who ended up blowing the save after giving up a pair of home runs in the 9th.

         I'm assuming there must be plenty of opinions out there. Let's hear 'em.


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Tony Carles

It's easy to point to Nunez as being unreliable as a closer when he blows a game as he did today. However, I have felt all along that Nunez was erratic and gave up too many runs even in games that the Marlins eventually won. Whether it's someone currently in the bullpen or someone else, the Marlins need a pitcher that can get three outs in the ninth inning. Nunez is not the guy.


This was tough to take; if I were JJ, I would put an addendum to his contract that Leo can never relieve him.

David Ramsey

I am never going to another game until they get rid of Nunez and get a closer. What a disgrace!


Same old story


Samson's reasons for wanting to win are severely misguided.
That said, I don't understand why the Marlins franchise does not follow the saying 'You have to spend $ to make money.'
If they spent a significant sum of $ on relievers who are castoffs or are inexperienced, perhaps we wouldn't lead the majors w/ 23 blown saves.
Then again, Samson doesn't care about fans - unless we boycott games.
And what career-respecting free agent would want to come play for this reprehensibly cheapskate regime?


who aren't castoffs or are experienced relief pitchers*


The Marlins brass will be happy when they send out 8 players who make league minimum. Rhodes, Calero, Donnely just a few relievers they could have kept.

23 blown saves.....get it down to 15 and they are in the hunt. sad part is when they get close in the wild card the brass thinks they are doing things the right way. no need to spend money. They did not make one significant move to give this team a chance in the second half of the season.

Marlins fan

how sad, another wasted effort by J.J.
So they sign a great starting picture and ignore relief pitching. I agree with the previous poster that they could have kept some quality relief pitchers that were on the staff last year. The only question mark would have been the closer. Nunez has let the team down too often.


We have to divide today's meltdown in 3 steps:
1- Replacing Chad Tracy, big mistake, he is better defensive player than Helms who has made several errors in the last few games, in 8th. inning overtrhow to Gaby anc costed 2 runs(error went to Gaby)
2- Veras could have pitched the 8Th. instead of Ohman
3- Leo, Leo, Leo, he is no closer, does not have the cold blood to do the job


Posters here have more control than a Nunez ball 4. This loss hurt more than any in a very long time. We were barely sniffing a pennant race. Now all I smell is Marlins management's bullsh*t. I said it at the trade deadline, & wondered how we never sured up the bullpen... This is way worse than Kevin Gregg, TOTAL CHOKE, & then CHOKE AGAIN & AGAIN.
I'm done hoping. Just bought Dolphins tiks for 2 games.

NWFL fan

An all around bad game. Three errors, horrible relief pitching again,failure to drive in runners, plus how long do we go with Stanton? There must not be much in the minors for September call up or they would already have been here. Looking ahead to 2011, we need a catcher, a third baseman (Cogs is not the answer), probably a center fielder and of course a revamp of the bullpen. We also need a MAJOR league manager and a major league coaching staff. We should send Stanton to the Arizona Fall League to work on his hitting and his outfield throwing accuracy.

Andrew Gray

This was a HORRIFIC loss on so many levels..I agree there were too many walks and the three runs off errors did not help but..even after all of that they still could have won the game but then Nunez strolls in and does what he does best..completely chokes..I still want to believe anything is possible in the next 33 games but time is running out and these type of games are a must to win..JJ should be in the cy young talk this year but the team let him down again..HORRIBLE


As I said beinfest is just as much to Blame as loria and Samson.. They didn't resign or bring in Any relievers... They have a closer that is a basic reliever and doesn't have the makeup for the mindset of the 9 inning bulldog mentailty.. Top closers have the mental toughness...get relievers and this team is in the playoffs this year.. Do the math they aren't that far off now and for god sake they have done this 20 times this year at least.. Oh and by the way get a d catcher!!!!!!



Dick Schmutz

Nunez must hate JJ. Why else would he continue to blow his chances for wins, by my count this is like the 4th for Nunez and about the 7th for the bullpen in blown wins for JJ.


Did anyone check out Nunez speed today. This idiot has not realize yet that all of MLB knowns he falls in love with his change up. I think he is arrogant and full of himself. He has been scolded by his manager to change up his pitches and that goes on def ears. This whole season has been orchestrated. First our Fearless Owner Loria annoints this team a playoff team and backed Gonzalez into a wall with the team he is given. HaHA you fired him, and still have to pay him. Yes Sir the Direction of the team got better........Does the
the cheapskate and the midget think the fans do see right through this season. Money in their pockets. You give away Cody Ross who could be helping us now(Stop trying to justify giving away Cabrera)instead he sits on SF Giants bench not plaing for a team that did not want him anyway. Its not so much the weather that keeps
fans away its the dislike and mistrust we as fans have for this ownership. Remember you are fighting for sport $$$$ that comes from us the fans. The Dolphins and Heat GET IT. This ownership were the prior owners of the Montreal Expos and they ran them into the ground.payroll was always low there TO. I Wonder why. MLB saves us, save Major League Baseball in Miami, We want new Ownership.... PLEASE.......


Sell this team my child, or else you will feel the wrath of my power.... LOL! Really. please sell this team to an owner that will put out the cash to field a constant contender...I'm so sick of knowing that with another 20-30 million on the payroll we'd be in the playoffs every year. Mark Cuban....SAVE US!!!!!!!




Another typical choke job from this clown Nunez. My grandmother is a better closer and she has been dead for twenty years.


This has been the story all season long. The brass won't pay for a bullpen so the manager takes the blame and the fans suffer. Sampson said the season would end in a pile? He was right--a pile of smoking wreckage, thanks to him and his boss.

He and Loria are truly scumbags, pretending they had to choose between signing Cabrera and saving baseball in south Florida. They truly think we're stupid. They could have signed him and still been far better off financially than they let on.


Let Clay Hensley audition for the closer spot for the remainder of 2010. I like his competitiveness and poise and think he has outstanding stuff.


Talk about Nunez, but what about Helms? The guy is put on this pedestal for what reason? - I don't know. He's trash and this franchise would do well to rid itself of him and his sanctimonious self.

Suffering Fan

I sure am glad that Jeffrey Loria took care of the bottom line instead of investing a few dollars in acquiring a real closer instead of a loser like Nunez. As fans we feel so good that instead of being in the race, ol' Leo and others lead the league in blown saves and the Marlins are out of it. Think Jeffrey cares? Nah...he's making money. That's all that matters and the fans be damned.
Time to expose this fraud of an owner for what he is.

john weinberger

What baseball rule says the manager has to replace an effective starting pitcher. Edwin brings in three lousy relief pitchers. Nunez being the worst of the three. Also what was our manager thinking when he took out Tracy for Helms. I can't get behind Edwin when he makes game losing decisions.

Clark Spencer

Thought I'd add something here. One can make the case that the seed for Sunday's meltdown was laid in the FIRST inning with Dan Uggla's throwing error, which not only allowed Braves leadoff man Omar Infante to reach and eventually score, but cost Josh Johnson (and the Marlins) dearly later in the game. After Uggla's error, Johnson struck out the next two batters. Without the error, the inning would have ended then. But, because of it, Johnson threw 10 extra pitches to three additional batters before recording the third out. By the time he completed the sixth, he had thrown 103 pitches. Manager Edwin Rodriguez said afterward that he would have allowed Johnson to continue had he thrown fewer than 100, and Johnson would have been well under that number if not for Uggla's error. Instead, the bullpen was asked to pick up one more inning, starting with the seventh. That doesn't remove the blame on Ohman, Nunez and the crucial Helms/Sanchez two-out error in the eighth that cost two runs. But it helps to paint a fuller picture of Sunday's debacle. -- Clark Spencer


I think that our new manager knows baseball unlike that bumb we had before...yeah i said bumb!!!!...if i were the manager i would tell Nunez that he will no longer be closing games...its happen too many times.


Im sure next year, Loria will authorize a splurge intended to fix the bullpen consisting of Dennis Springer, Alejandro Pena and Chuck Smith...but only if they will pitch for the league minimum.

stan harmon

why blame leo hes trying hard to be efficient and he has saved many games braves have come from behind in 9th inning against many good teams so its kind of to be expected dont put it all on Leo this is just a middle of the road team and will probably finish around 500 for some time to come. baseball is a hard game to figure when teams are hot , like the Braves, thats what they do win these kind of games against only fair relievers.

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