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Are the Marlins LeBron James' New Favorite Team?


        LeBron James wore a vintage teal Marlins cap to last night's Dolphins game, but we're not sure if that's an indication that the Heat's newest star is switching allegiances. Take a look at the photos below and decide for yourself:

Jamesyankees Jamesindians Newjames


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If Lebron follows my steps he will become a Marlin fan. I was a Met fan while living in NY and continued to be so while living in Miami, but became a Marlin fan once the team was born. Why? I root for the team that represents the city where I live. We need to do a better job of converting all those New Yorkers into becoming Marlin fans. Go Fish.


By the way, Marlins need to sign Uggla and Nolasco, and they better get at least two starting pitchers and some relievers... and for Christ's sake, please get a real closer.


The Herald officially sucks at covering the Marlins. No inside information about the Marlins, I guess. Just plain old starting lineups. No extra points and observations here or anything special.

Who is Clark Spencer, does he still contribute?


Try Palmbeachbaseball.com for all the Marlins news. We've got feeds from all the area coverage as well as national coverage.

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