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Brad Davis Sticks It To Nyjer Morgan


         Marlins catcher Brad Davis hit his second major league home run on Friday, but he was much more enthused about throwing out Nationals hothead Nyjer Morgan, Against all baseball sense, Morgan attempted to steal with two outs in the second, his team trailing 2-0, and the pitcher at the plate. But this is Nyjer Morgan we're talking about, and using your head and playing by baseball's unwritten rules don't seem to apply to him.

              "It was the wrong time to steal and he did it (to) spite us," Davis said. "With all that happened, I think he kind of wants to put it to us a little bit. It was the wrong situation. But it was the wrong situation for him to run after we hit him that (last) time. But he's not really playing by those rules."

              It was Morgan who started the bench-clearing brawl in South Florida on Sept. 1 after Chris Volstad took exception to his base running antics earlier in that game and threw a pitch behind his back his next time up at the plate. With his team trailing 14-3 in that game, Morgan stole second and third  before tagging and scoring -- thumping his chest in the process.

              That infuriated the Marlins, enough so that Volstad sent him a message that Morgan didn't care for. Davis figured Morgan would be going on Friday, even when the situation didn't call for it. And off Morgan went on Alex Sanabia's first pitch to Nationals pitcher John Lannan. Davis' throw beat Morgan by a hair.

               Said Nationals manager Jim Riggleman: "That's his game (running). I can't tell him to bat eighth but don't run. That's Nyjer. I can't take that away from him."

               Morgan had his appeal heard Friday for two separate suspensions, including his eight-game sentence stemming from the melee with the Marlins. But baseball discipline czar Bob Watson, who was on hand for Friday's re-match, said a decision likely won't be rendered until early next week. That means Morgan could remain in the lineup through the weekend series, and continue to play by his own rules. Just a hunch, but I would wager that his Nationals teammates are just as tired of his act as the Marlins are, and probably weren't too terribly disappointed to see him being thrown out in that situation.