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Hensley to Hoffman: Only 599 To Go


           After recording his first big-league save on Friday, Clay Hensley figured it was time to get in touch with his old pal from their Padres days, Trevor Hoffman. Hoffman saved his 600th -- the all-time record -- a couple of days ago.

           "I'm going to shoot him a text and tell him I've got 599 to go," Hensley said.

           Hensley showed no emotion when Adam Kennedy's ground out in the ninth ended the game. There were no finger-pointing, fist-pumping theatrics like those favored by some closers. Hensley said he'd be berated by Hoffman had he done something like that.

            "Hoffy would call me and set me straight," Hensley said.


            Good news for those who didn't care for Andrew Miller's mustache. It's gone.

            "It was time to go," Miller said.

            Miller said he shaved it off on Thursday, one day after getting lit up in Philly.

            "It obviously didn't help," he said.