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MLB Suspends Chris Volstad, Alex Sanabia, Gaby Sanchez and Edwin Rodriguez (among others)


               MLB has announced punishments for Wednesday's brawl between the Marlins and Nationals, and nine members of the two clubs, including both managers and a coach, received suspensions and/or fines.

                Here's the rundown:

                -- Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad, 6-game suspension plus fine

                -- Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia, 5-game suspension

                -- Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez, 3-game suspension

                -- Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez, 1-game suspension plus fine

                -- Marlins reliever Jose Veras, undisclosed fine

                -- Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan, 8-game suspension plus fine

                -- Nationals pitcher Doug Slaten, 3-game suspension

                -- Nationals third-base coach Pat Listach, 3-game suspension plus fine

                -- Nationals manager Jim Riggleman, 1-game suspension plus fine

                The league said that Volstad and Sanabia, who was cited for fighting, will not have to serve their suspensions at the same time, pending any appeals. All of the suspensions are to begin tonight, except for Sanabia's, which is scheduled to start next Wednesday. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out with the Marlins, who have six games over the next five days due to a doubleheader on Monday in Philadelphia. My guess is that Volstad will very likely appeal Friday's ruling and thereby delay his suspension in order to help the Marlins get through this busy stretch.

               Rodriguez will serve his suspension immediatley by sitting out tonight's game. By the way, the league said it disciplined Morgan for a "series of recent incidents," including what it said were "inappropriate gestures and comments towards the fans as he left the field following the incent" at Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday.

                Question: Do you think the punishments were fair?