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No Marlins Tribute Planned for Bobby Cox


              Retiring Braves manager Bobby Cox has received tributes and well-wishes in every major league city during what has been a summer-long farewell tour for the curmudgeonly skipper. The Astros gave him a cowboy hat and boots. The Rockies gave him three nights at a dude ranch and a high-end fishing rod and reel. The White Sox gave him a humidor. The Cubs gave him an original seat from Wrigley Field and his number "6" from their hand-operated scoreboard.Cox

              The Marlins have nothing planned to honor Cox -- not even a simple scoreboard goodbye and good luck -- even though he has managed the Braves longer than the Marlins, their division rivals, have been in existence. Cox will manage his final game in South Florida on Sunday.

              The Marlins aren't saying why they're giving Cox the cold shoulder, but there's a chance it has something to do with his comments critical of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria when Fredi Gonzalez -- a Cox friend and managing protege -- was fired in June. Cox was not happy with the axing.

              "I know that guy (Loria) is unpredictable, but....after everything (Gonzalez) has done for that guy, are you (expletive) me? They have gone down to the end (of the playoff race) every year, playing their asses off. That guy doesn't appreciate anything. He's one of the guys that thinks you change (for the sake of change). He's always waiting to fire the coaches, always. That's his history." 


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Thanks Bobby!

Stay classy Jeffrey Loria. Not a surprising move from the "armpit of the South."


No suprise here. Just another example of a poorly run franchise.

Becky Bowen

Wow, Marlins. Seems a little childish and immature to me that your organization has no plans to honor Bobby Cox because he stood up for what he believed in. And, your hometown rag put it out there for all of us to see? Pretty sad.


Same old loria... Acts like a child.. This organization is am absolute joke and I'm not even a cox fan but he earned his respect

NWFL fan

Next year when Fredi is the Braves manager, he can just stick it to the Marlins and they will deserve everything they get. Marlins are a no class organization.


Guess Mr. Loria has become accustom to the discounts found at the early bird specials. For a former NY Yankee season ticket holder, he sure learned nothing from watching George operate a "big league" team.


I'm a huge fish fan so in turn I hate the braves. With that being said Bobby hit the nail on the head! Loria is a no class pig and he's run this organization into the ground!

Jorge Viera

Loria and Sampson are have no class!


This is for you CoachG

So coach G you tell us whose available. You do know that there is no free agent movement at this time unless the player has been released. So what quality are you going to get? Someone like Mike Rivera. As for player who have gone through waivers, you still need to work out a trade. What do you want to give up for them, and what team is going to agree to a trade for what. You know nothing bum. Who do you want to trade for a player that will only play a month of the season with the Marlins. Brad Davis is going to do most of the catching for the rest of the season. He's played well and deserves a chance to play. Have you seen his BA, no didn't think so, have you watched him catch no didn't think so, have you seen his minor league stats (pretty good), didn't think. No nothing idiot. A new catcher is going to catch maybe twice a week, tell me who are you going to give up, and what catcher is avaiable....again.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2010/09/marlins-bring-in-reinforcements-call-up-c-mike-rivera-and-rhp-aldaberto-mendez.html#ixzz0ygVAepg0


You are saying "no I didn't think so idiot"... Your the one writting the blog it isn't live I can't answer your objections live you moran... Secondly...your saying their is no free agency..how the heck did they get Rivera... The point being made is that this team has been pulling stunts like this for years.. Constantly getting cheap journeyman and hoping for a miracle...i'm tired of seeing it....so maybe at this point Rivera was the best option but only because they have failed to build an organization at every level not just the majors with quality players,.. I watch abs that brad Davis has had and he looks lost granted he has had good hits at times but tell me one team in the league that has players like Hector Luna.. Brad Davis and Scott cousins that are everday starters and pinch hitters in key abs... I don't sit around on a computer having web links and krap like you have because I have a life.. Just look at how they blew the lead tonight... They are 3-57 when they are tied or trailing after the 6 inning... Enough said right there... Can't hang with the teams who have the depth


Current free agent catchers... Mike Redmond...Paul lo duca....Paul baki...Chris coste..Toby hall... No those aren't great options but they are all available and they have had better careers and would all be better than some guy that never had a prime in mike Rivera.. Thing is mikey boy.. They would all want more money than the marlins more than likely would want to spend.. Theirs your answer tough guy...oh by the way for relievers bob howry... Brendan donnelly...kilo calero... Starters Braden looper... Josh towers... Adam eaton.. Paul Byrd... Buddy their are options but veterans want some money. No they aren't all star players but they are far better than what they keep bring up or signing...


So you want to sign catcher that have never played all year, makes sense idiot.

Donnelly really has had a great year, 5.58 era this year. Tower, Eaton, Byrd Calerio, and Looper haven't pitched in the majors all year. Makes sense to sign them too. They would all take min deals idiot, and who would you take off the 40 man roster. Please don't show your stupidity.


Wow, there's a lot of mean spirit on this blog, not to mention impressive wild-guess spelling.

As for the Marlins' worse than mediocre bench and bullpen,the worst part is that Loria looks at the feeble goods picked off the trash pile and proclaims he has a playoff team. He seems to really believe it, at least at the time he says it, an can't believe he was wrong.


Mike I know your right your just the man with all the options and if anyone doesn't agree with u they must be am idiot.. I'll just call you Joseph Stalin you jackass and maybe your boyfriend David Samson will allow you to be his right hand puppet... You idiot

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