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For Edwin Rodriguez, Let the Waiting Begin


                Edwin Rodriguez has an 8 o'clock flight waiting to take him home to Puerto Rico on Sunday. He said he'll drive his 15-year-old daughter to school on Monday. And then he'll begin his wait to find out which way the Marlins go in the search for a manager. Will they keep him? Or will they go after someone else, a Tony Pena or Ted Simmons or Bobby Valentine?

                Rodriguez said he met Friday for about 10 or 15 minutes with Larry Beinfest and Mike Hill, who told him he would be considered for the permanent job. Beinfest and Hill also met with members of the coaching staff and told them the same thing: hang loose.

                "They're going to go through the process and they're going to interview people and they say I am in the mix, I am a strong candidate, and they will let me know," Rodriguez said of his meeting with Beinfest and Hill.

                The Marlins have gone 44-46 since Rodriguez took over from ousted manager Fredi Gonzalez. But Rodriguez and the Marlins have endured a never-ending litany of injuries that have crippled the club and left it reeling the final few weeks.

                 As a result, Rodriguez said he would be disappointed if he wasn't retained as manager.

                 "I would be very disappointed because I think I made my case," Rodriguez said. "But, then again, I don't know what they're looking for. Maybe there's more elements, more factors that they're taking into consideration."

                 Rodriguez said that in meeting with Beinfest and Hill he gained a sense that they were satisfied with the job he's done under adverse conditions.

                 "They say they were pleased," Rodriguez said. "They looked like they were a little bit surprised about the whole outcome, dealing with the injuries and all that. They didn't say that. But I can read body language, and I can read faces and all that."

                 SANABIA SCRATCHED.....Alex Sanabia was hoping the tightness he felt in his right forearm when he pitched in Atlanta on Monday would go away. It didn't. Sanabia informed the training staff Friday night that his arm didn't feel right, he underwent a MRI on Saturday, and he was scratched from tonight's scheduled start against the Pirates. Jorge Sosa will take the ball for the Marlins.

                 "Hopefully it's nothing serious, which I doubt," Sanabia said. "I tried to ride it out for as long as possible and see if it would go away. But after I made that last start, it didn't go away."

                 Sanabia has thrown 170 2/3 innings this season between the minors and majors, or about 70 more innings than he totaled the previous season.


                 Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 2. Ozzie Martinez, ss; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Dan Uggla, 2b; 5. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. Chad Tracy, 3b; 8. Chris Hatcher, c; 9. Jorge Sosa, p.

                 Pirates: 1. Andrew McCutchen, cf; 2. Jose Tabata, lf; 3. Neil Walker, 2b; 4. Pedro Alvarez, 3b; 5. Garrett Jones, 1b; 6. John Bowker, rf; 7. Ronny Cedeno, ss; 8. Chris Snyder, c; 9. Charlie Morton, p.


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If Simmons wants the job.. He will be the one to get it.... Watch and see

BB Fan

Dumbest moves of the season were firing Freddi and Coughlin knee injury. Surprises of season future stars in Morrison, Sanches and Stanton. Good your pitcher in Sanabia. Other young talent including Ozzie, Bonifacio, Maybin. Starting Staff is talented and when healthy among best in baseball (yankees would take johnson, nolasco, anabal or volstad) over any of their #2 thru #5 starters. Over winter #1 Find Manager and coaches that can rival what Joe Madden (game management and teaching) has done in Tampa. #2 Long term Contracts for Nolasco and Uggla and why not Coughlin and Stanton. #3 Find a Stud Closer either thru a trade or free agency. #4 don't implode bullpen completedly (Veras, Sanches, Badenhop, and Hensley are good pieces) team needs more depth in minor. #5 If Matt Dominguez arrives next spring where does Couglin play (CF or SS) and move Hanley to CF. If this year has taught us anything the crappy Summer weather in South Florida kills great pitching performances, drags games, keeps fans away and takes all the fun out of going to a baseball game. 2012 will be welcomed just find a good manager and staff and work on pitching defense and decision making to get us there


hate to say it but I think we will have tolose one of our great rookies im order to get pitching help, and we don't have a real third baseman.
the bullpen needs alot of help, plus, there are question marks about the condition of JJ, Nolasco, and now Sanabia.
let us hope for the best

juan yanes


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